Saturday, June 29, 2013

I made it!!!

June 26, 2013 
Wait..... Im in GUATEMALA!!!! WHAAAAAA!! Ok so I met with about 15 Elders in Salt Lake and then we met about 
30 Elders in LA! There are only 4 Hermanas total that arrived today. I have been so giddy all dayand I don't know if 
 it's because i'm so slap happy from the red eye flight, or if i'm just really excited!! It has been way fun and pretty
kick back. I can't wait until im comfortable with the language and beable to say anything I want. I understand
 more than I thought I would for a start and my companion has taken 8 years of spanish so she is pretty much fluent!! 
Its awesome because she can help me a lot and I can learn the language faster. I have 7 roommates and 6 of them are
latinas! im sorry i dont have very much time to write and this is kind of a weird computer, but I love you guys so much!!
The church is true!!
 -Hermana Sherman

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