Friday, December 26, 2014

Return with Honor

Hermana Sherman's mom here... This will be the last post on Hermana Sherman's blog.

It's with mixed feelings to close her blog.  I'll miss checking my email a dozen times every Monday morning awaiting her emails :)

I would like to express my gratitude for President Klein & Hermana Klein who has forever impacted my daughters life.  I'm grateful for Presidents' spiritual direction in which he led, for his fatherly love, & for his wise counsel he gave her throughout her mission.

I'm grateful for the missionaries she served with and every one of her companions, it's blessed her with a greater capacity to love.

I'm grateful for the people of Honduras who by their humble ways, showed her that happiness doesn't come from temporal things & showed her a part of the law of consecration in sharing what you have no matter the circumstance.  Most importantly the meaning of faith and trusting in the Lord.

I'm grateful for Heavenly Father for His protection, tender mercies, & miracles that have touched her life as well as our family through her obedience, while she was in Honduras.

Lastly, I know our Savior Jesus Christ lives and has restored His gospel here on earth.  That through Him and His atonement we are able to return to our Heavenly Father and be with our families not just here on earth, but through eternity. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Last email from Honduras...

Okaaaaaaay. I dont even know where to begin... I know I always say that I had the best week filled with miracles, but really... this week tops them all. 

I saw AUNTIE CHIPS!!!!!!!! She is the cutest little old Asian lady ever! And the sweetest!!! We met up with her and her husband in San Pedro Sula today and ate lunch and walked around. It was so special and she made a huge sacrifice to meet up with me. HUGE tender mercy!!!

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday and another one Sunday morning. They are all 16 or 17 yrs old and are PILAS!! (Awesome) They all bore their testimonies afterward and the spirit was so strong. Im so grateful I was able to teach them and feel like i really didnt do anything because the Lord already had prepared their hearts to hear the Gospel. 

Sunday was rough. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I almost cried. I felt a pit in my stomach the entire time that was horrible. I felt like i was homesick even though im going home. This is by far the best area and best ward ive been in during my mission and the time has been way too short. The members support the missionaries so much and it makes the world of difference! 

Tomorrow, we get to go to the airport and pick up all the new missionaries. There's 19 newbies! Then we give orientations all day, which is always fun. We then have a huge sleep over with all the sisters and Wednesday is when I officially lose my companion. I honestly cant even explain how i feel right now. I either have nerves or a parasite haha Im just grateful. Grateful for this time ive had to share with the people in Honduras. Grateful for my companions ive had, grateful for my mission president, grateful for my testimony.

Ive finally started to understand how much love Heavenly Father has for His children and how perfect the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. I know there is only true eternal happiness through keeping the commandments of God. Thank you familia mia for your love and support while being here in Honduras. 

Mama and papi, I love you and how much ive taken you for granted. Brothers and Sisters and Inlaws, I fully expect to have a volleyball and pingpong tournament when i get back. Cant wait to squeeze your guts! I might be a little emotionally unstable for a little bit, but if i randomly start crying in fetal position in the corner, just ignore me and Ill turn back to normal soon. I am looking forward to baths, carpet, and washing machines. Woohoo!!

Hermana Sherman
Baptisms of Ricardo, Guadelupe and Alejandro

Auntie Chieko (Chips) & Rafael

Escobar family

Baptism of Katia

Monday, December 1, 2014

This week was amazing...lemme tell ya!

This week was amazing...lemme tell ya!
I got to go to TELA!!!!! We did exchanges and I worked in Tela (my first area). We had two activities with the Branch and a Relief Society Training. I got to see a lot of members and it was so fun! I also got to see Hazy! The cute little girl that used to live by us and would always ask us to sing I am a child of God. I was walking up to her house yelling her name and she ran out and gave me the biggest hug. Her Mom looked really good and happy and said her husband has changed and isnt drinking anymore, so the Hermanas are going to visit them. It was especially fun seeing all of the fruits of our labors. 

We contacted a family when I was there and this last Saturday, one of the daughters got baptized. The church attendance has now tripled and has reached 120, when it was only around 40 when I was there. I wish I could visit every one of my areas and all the members because they've all made an impact in my life.

We got a toilet seat!! It was like Christmas morning. For Thanksgiving we ate rice, beans, and gineo (boiled bananas),which I'm totally fine with that! Just grateful for my area and my Companion, and all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given me.

Last week we fasted for our investigators, especially for K_ and B_. We were a little bummed one night because Satan has been working really hard with K_. We were joking around saying that we needed to fast again because it didnt work. We called B_ 5 minutes later to remind him to read his Book of Mormon when he says," Soooo my brother and friend Ricardo want to be baptized and they want to know what they need to do." We were like OKAYYY, the Lord blessed us with 2 more investigators. It turns out K_ only was a little bit down because one of her best friends moved away, but has already read to 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon! Shes also attended church the past 4 Sundays and loves it. She is an awesome example to her sister and friends.

B_ was baptized Saturday!! There was such a sweet spirit there and when he bore his testimony and thanked us for teaching him. All the hard work pays off in moments like those.

We have 4 set baptismal dates this Saturday with possibilities of 2 more. We are working really hard sprinting to the finish line. We are seeing more miracles every day and I now have a strong testimony of the power in fasting. 

A weird fruit that's between a pear and an apple

Monday, November 24, 2014

Attended my last Consejo de Lideres...

Last week we did divisions with Hermanas Stott, Odekirk and Dias! They are in a trio and so I worked with all the Norties Hermana Stott and Odekirk, and Hermana Dias worked with Hermana Ramos. It was a blast and we got a couple really good lessons in and the spirit was really strong. It was pouring most of the time so we got to hike in a lot of mud which was pretty funny.

The buses here are comical. Its always stick shift and I swear all of the bus drivers are just learning. Whenever they stop to pick you up they scream GET ON GET ON!!!! And push you on even if its completely full and no space. Then as you are walking to find a seat they gun it, pedal to the floor, and they are shifting and everyone is flying everywhere. As we were coming from Santa Rita, it was especially rough because I had my hands full with my pillow and 2 backpacks. I was flying everywhere and eventually pegged a little kid in the head with my elbow and I hit him hard. I felt so bad and gave him all of the cookies I could find in my backpack. We finally got a seat then that's when the bus preachers get up. Yes. People preach on buses for their jobs. There's always preachers or clowns on the buses doing acts for money. This preacher was pretty intense. I was amazed at how loud he could yell. He kept saying," If you have money, you have nothing!!" and everyone on the bus was yelling, "AMEN!" Then of course he went around with his hat asking for money. Just a little piece of the apostasy that goes around here.

One of the young men that we are teaching is getting baptized this Saturday! Hes awesome and his name is B__. He is the one that the day I got here to Palermo was the day his Grandma died. He definitely was prepared to hear the gospel and the members are so helpful in befriending him. This ward is the strongest ward Ive been in here because the Members do their part. It makes missionary work so much easier!

We have been visiting a single mom with 3 daughters whose name is Rosa. We washed her clothes the other day. After, she said shes never received that kind of service or company before and was really touched.

I forgot that this week is Thanksgiving until I received a couple emails about it! Sad they dont celebrate it here :) Mom sent me some instant mashed potatoes and gravy so I'll definitely be making those puppies. 

What a week to be grateful! I attended my last Consejo de Lideres meeting last week. I forgot it was my last until they asked everyone who is leaving this transfer to bear their testimonies. Hermana Klein had us write one hundred reasons why were grateful. Earlier in my mission, I would have thought of the little temporal things like a washing machine, hot water, clean water, air conditioning, and things like that. Ive come to realize how bless I am through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that Ive been born under the covenant with great parents and a great family. It is very rare to meet a Latin missionary with both parents living, members of the church, or active and have seen how much Ive taken it for granted. Im grateful for the Plan of Salvation, that through my Savior and Redeemer I may live again in perfect peace and happiness. I am grateful to be living in the times of the last dispensation where we have another testament of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon, and living Prophet Seers and Revelators. But most importantly, I have come to appreciate and witness miracles through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how we are able to be completely cleansed from sin. That is a great miracle to be thankful for. I hope each and everyone of you are able to reflect on what you guys are thankful for and how the gospel has blessed, or can bless your lives. 

Doctrine and Covenants Section 78

17 Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye are little children, and ye have not as yet understood how great blessings the Father hath in his own hands and prepared for you;
 18 And ye cannot bear all things now; nevertheless, be of good cheer, for I will lead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours, and the riches of eternity are yours.
 19 And he who receiveth all things with thankfulness shall be made glorious; and the things of this earth shall be added unto him, even an hundred fold, yea, more.

Hermana Sherman

Last Leadership council meeting

Monday, November 17, 2014

I just need to worry about being obedient and the Lord will do His part in protecting me...


We had Stake conference this last week and 7 new investigators showed up! Success! The ward hired a bus to go around and pick everyone up and take them to the stake center. The talks had a theme of directly talking to the youth. The youth are tempted so much these days with internet at their finger tips. I read a talk about being where you're at. If you're with your friends be with your friends, not texting other friends. If you're driving, drive, not on your phone. If you're in church, listen and learn instead of playing games or using facebook. Before i left on my mission, this was turning into a big problem with everyone on their phones or computers all the time and not enjoying peoples company. Most of our progressing investigators are youth and we have taught them to put their phones away and turn off the tv when we're there. We are teaching a lot of amazing youth that keep every challenge we give them and have testimonies of the church. We have also been teaching a lot of couples, but their challenge is getting married. It's so hard for someone to get married here in Honduras, it's ridiculous, but we still have faith. 

We were walking home one night and all of a sudden the biggest, scariest, Rottweiler dog escaped through his gate and was running at us snarling and growling. I  thought for sure I was going to die. We both just stood there frozen and the dogs owner was screaming at him not to bite. The dogs here are guard dogs, crazy they go in for the kill. All of a sudden, the dog stopped two feet right in front of us just staring at us. It then turned around and went in its house. The owner was in shock and didnt know how, but we were definitely protected that night. I dont even know how many times I've been protected. It's such a comfort to know that as a missionary, I just need to worry about being obedient and the Lord will do His part in protecting me... especially in Honduras. 

Yet another week has flown by and I dont even know where the time has gone :( I am trying to enjoy my time here while i still have it, but every day just keeps getting faster and faster! I am grateful for the time I have to serve my Savior and know He lives!! 

Hermana Sherman
Hermano Oscar!
Gabi and her family

Making bread with Hermana Flores

Wakiria and Berta. My favorite people in Ceiba with their dog Bindy!

These things are everywhere and they're huge!

Serving by sweeping garbage in front of our investigators house.

Pday with our Zone, we went to a park to have a picnic

Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a day of miracles this past week...

This week we had divisions in Santa Rita and in Morazan! I traveled to Santa Rita and worked with Hermana Rodriguez for a day. It rained all day and was pretty cold, but we still taught a ton of lessons. Not one lesson fell through, which was a miracle in itself. We ended up challenging 6 people for baptism and all 6 accepted. Another miracle! The sisters house is the biggest in the mission. It"s huge! It has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 sets of sisters live there which is pretty fun.

We both traveled to Morazan, which is like the country of Honduras filled with cowboys, goats, horses, and cows. There's more stray dogs than usual, which is a ton. Divisions with Morazan were a little different than other areas because, literally every single appointment would fall through that we contacted. Morazan is an amazing place to contact! We didn't even have to say who we were and people invited us in. During divisions we found and taught 18 new investigators.

It started getting pretty cold here and I thought i was going to die. I had to sleep with 3 blankets. I looked at a thermometer and it was only 65 degrees... How am i going to survive this winter? I think I'm going to go into shock. 

We had a day of miracles this past week.We taught a lot about the Plan of Salvation. We found so many awesome investigators who have been prepared to hear the gospel. We found a couple  of teenagers and taught the plan of salvation. One is named K__ , she read her pamphlet and saw that there was a little picture of a Book of Mormon and begged us to give her one. She also has so many awesome questions and is only 15 years old.

We were contacting a little old lady and she just pointed to a house across the street and walked away haha. We contacted the house and a guy in a wheel chair came out. He asked if we were Latter-day Saints then invited us in. He said his name was Juan. Juan just recently had his leg amputated and said he was on the line of life and death. It was a miracle that he lived and knew it was for something. He said that when he saw us it was a confirmation that God had something he still needed to do on earth. 

We found a sweet lady named Jessica who recently lost her Grandma and when we told her she would be able to see her again she started crying for joy.

We met another young mother whose husband was just killed and said she was never taught there was life after death. 

Another Grandma we found said her grandson had been killed not even 20 days ago and wants to know what she can do to see him again.

With so many deaths in Honduras it also makes everyone prepared to hear the Gospel. Its just sad when they choose to use their agency to reject it. It still breaks my heart every time, but the little things like hearing someone pray for the first time makes up for all of those depressing moments. I know that life doesn't end at death. Salvation is individual, but exaltation is with your family, that's why we need to work together.

Hermana Sherman

Monday, November 3, 2014

I've been transferred to Palmermo!

So Im in a tiny internet cafe in Progreso and the internet is pretty slow so we'll see how this goes. 

IVE BEEN TRANSFERRED TO PALERMO and my new companion is Hermana Ramoz!! She is from Panama and has been out on her mission for 14 months. We are the Sister Training Leaders over 4 zones and closer to San Pedro Sula. We are over 16 sister missionaries and one of the areas I get to do divisions with is TELA!! My first area! So excited!

On Sunday the attendance was 133! Ive never been in a ward so big during my time here in Honduras and they said it was low this week from all the rain. I guess its usually around 220. There are 4 missionaries working in this ward us and our zone leaders. The members are so strong and love to do missionary work! I think I'm in heaven.

Sorry dont have very much time to write this week, but i love you all!! The church is true! Read your scriptures and pray every day. You will see miracles.

Hermana Sherman
My new companion Hermana Ramoz :)
I guess missionaries have been living in this house for 12 years...May look like a jail cell,but its pretty cozy
You have to be careful not to cut yourself on the toilet seat...

It's very common to check for lice.

Monday, October 27, 2014

His ways are not our ways...


Last week

Tuesday: We gave an orientation in our Zone meeting on 5 goals the whole mission is working at accomplishing:
1. Wake up at 6:30am every day
2. 1 hour of personal study EVERY DAY
3. 1 hour of companionship study every day
4. 1 hour of language study every day
5. Teach 35 lessons a week.

As we do these 5 things we will see miracles. 

We taught A__ and E__about prayer and the spirit was so strong. During the lesson E__ grabbed her chest and we knew she had felt the spirit too. 

Wednesday: Divisions in Olanchito! I was able to work with Hna V__ and it was such a good day! She is an amazing missionary and wants to become the best missionary she can be. Her parents were baptized when she was only 6 years old and they immediately became inactive so she started going to church by herself at age 6. She said her Dad started using as a punishment, her not being able to go to church. One Saturday morning, her Dad told her she had to clean out a huge closet by Sunday or she wouldnt be able to go to church. So there was this 6 year old working all day cleaning out her closet and didnt finish until 9pm Saturday night so she could go to church on Sunday. When she turned 8, she begged and begged her parents to let her be baptized and finally got their permission. She continued to go to church by herself until her teens when she started taking her 3 younger siblings. She had a lot of trials before her mission and the day her parents dropped her off at the airport was the same day they went to court to get divorced. She said both her parents have started attending church separately, and she is now seeing blessings from her mission flow onto her family. She is a true angel sent to her family.

Thursday: We left Olanchito pretty early to catch a bus to get to the Stake center in Ceiba for our presentation in the trainer meeting at 9am with all the missionaries training and all those about to train. All of the buses here are a little sketchy, but this one was especially sketchy. The bus was making weird noises the whole time and would die every time we went uphill until it broke down half way to Ceiba. We were stuck there for an hour with everyone freaking out about appointments until we said a pray in our hearts and they got the bus to work again. We made it to the Stake center at 9:05am and were able to give our presentation. We also got it out of President Klein if we have transfers this week. He said,"Do you really want to open your present before Christmas?" We eventually got it out that I have transfers :/ My last transfer in a new area with a new companion, but President confirmed that it is the Lords will and I trust in the Lord and in President Klein with these transfers. Right after the meeting we went over to the other side of Ceiba because a sister had been sick with a weird virus where you get these little boils on the bottom of your feet, palms of your hands, and back of your throat... I really am so blessed not to have had anything like that.

Friday: We left early again to travel to Trujillo!! I did divisions with Hermana G___, a mini missionary where she is a missionary only until her visa comes then she will be going to the MTC in Brazil. She was a little frustrated because she didnt have all of the principles of the lessons down.  I helped remind her that shes only been out for 3 weeks and she hasnt even gone to the MTC yet.. She reminded me a lot of myself when I first came here and how frustrated i was from not knowing the language in a week. You really learn patience with yourself as you serve a mission. We heard that there was a hurricane coming in and we started getting kind of nervous because our 72 hour kits were in Ceiba. At night, the whole sky was a blood red and it POURED rain for hours with lightning and thunder literally so close to us. You could feel the thunder in your chest. The storm continued all night and we left early the next morning when it was calmer. As we rode the 4 hour bus ride back to Ceiba we just followed the storm here. It picked up quite a bit and there was water EVERYWHERE. It has been raining ever since then, but the good thing is that i dont have to sleep with a fan on anymore. 

Sunday: Ward conference. We sang in the ward choir and it was pure comedy. Hermana Bennett played the keyboard for us and we sang our hearts out. Derian blessed the Sacrament and did awesome. That was a proud missionary moment to have worked so hard with him and be able to see the fruits of our labors. We eat lunch with our ward mission leader every Sunday and something they eat here in every single meal are "Gineos" They are boiled green bananas. They arent the best flavored and I havent met a single missionary who likes them. Here they put it with everything and especially in soup :P As Hermana Bennett was doing her personal prayer on her food, I tried sneaking my gineo on her plate, but the stinking gineo would come off my fork. At the exact same time, the sister who cooked walked into the room and i was caught right in the act. I quickly slid the gineo off of my fork and acted like nothing happened. The next week, everyone was served gineos except me.

This week was so crazy, but we tried to enjoy it at the same time. We are learning to do things for ourselves, so we dont get burnt out. Its crazy to think that I only have one more transfer left and it will be with a new companion and new area, but i would rather have it that way to keep me busy. The other day A__ and E__ were talking about how little time i have left and  I literally felt a pit in my stomach. I already feel sad about leaving this area and cant even imagine what its going to be like leaving Honduras. Good thing i dont have to think about it yet. I love being a missionary and being set apart from the world. I have learned so much stuff not only for myself, but for future generations to come. I know that the Lord is the head of this great work and that His ways are not our ways. 

Hermana Sherman
B__ has a baptismal date for next month

The Sanchez family! They are the best! Our ward mission leader is on the right.
Investigators Hermana A__ and her family

Monday, October 20, 2014

Satan works the hardest before and after a spiritual experience


Another blurry week, dont remember half of it.

We traveled to La Paz once again for the Leadership meeting and learned from President Klein. We are going back to the basics on the priorities of us missionaries. Investigators. Lessons. Baptisms. Retention and church attendance. One thing i love about President Klein is that he only wants good quality baptisms. In the past, the missionaries have baptized as many people as they could for the numbers and now we are finishing their work in reactivating everyone. Most of the wards here consists of 500 members and only 100 are active in the church. Work of Salvation only begins at baptism. I also like how the rules have changed where missionaries now have the responsibility of working closely with recent converts a year after their baptism, just so they dont get lost. Satan works the hardest before and after a Spiritual experience.

We went to Roatan once again and once again it was as beautiful as ever! I worked in a trio with Hermana M_ and Hermana M_. It was a blast! Two more sisters from the ward went out to visit with us. so we were a group of 5 that went around visiting everyone. So fun! 

We have been working with a couple every since my first transfer here in Ceiba. Their names are A_ and E_. They have accepted to be baptized. but just have to get married. E_ is from Columbia and couldnt get her papers from there, so they have to go through a long process here in Honduras where they have to go to Tegucigalpa to personally get her papers. They both showed up to D_ baptism and A_ has showed up to church and conference all by himself. The spirit is so strong every time we teach them. We even cleared up about polygamy and how we dont practice it in the church these days, but we explained the history of it and the spirit was still so strong. Ive never taught that before and have the spirit be so strong. A_ is future Stake President material. 

The inactive we found named S_ and his two children came to church! S_ hasnt been to church for over 10 plus years! His son G_ was participating more than anyone in his Sunday school class and was helping the other young men in his class. Everyone was so welcoming which makes everything 100 times better. 

Our little grandpa were teaching named O_ also showed up to church again and we were finally able to teach him. He is pumped to learn more and has a great desire to grow in his faith in Christ.

My daughter Hermana Tamani has been fighting hard with her knees. We got a call one morning that she needed to pack her bags and travel to San Pedro Sula the same day to go home the next. It was so sad. She had given her ALL. I have realized how great of a blessing it is just to finish your mission, especially for the sisters here because it's such a physically demanding mission. I am so blessed to have health and strength my entire mission. 

I think this week I've definitely learned patience and to be flexible. So many things popped up where we immediately had to change our plans. We are learning how to do the Lords will and not ours in having 3 different callings. Sister Training Leaders, Mission Nurse (Hermana Bennett), and full time missionaries. Sometimes we get a little frustrated when we cant give our area as much time as we would like, but we have learned as we pray to do the Lords will, we'll always have enough time. 

Hermana Sherman
Leadership meeting

A dock in Ceiba

Last day with Hermana Tamani
An awesome painting I want in my house some day
There was a rainbow around the sun! Ive never seen that before. I heard it happens when it start to get cold
We have to cook on the floor cause there isnt enough counter space    

Monday, October 13, 2014

This week was the craziest/best week ever!!!

We have been working SO HARD with D., the young man weve been teaching forever. He has attended seminary at 5 in the morning almost the entire year. Has over 20 attendances in church and received his answer that he needed to be baptized. We had our zone leaders go over and teach him because hes been having a couple challenges with keeping the commandments and has overcome those challenges. During conference, we fasted with him for his baptismal date.Tuesday night, we were with him and had an awesome lesson with him. He had expressed how he was nervous to be baptized because he was too afraid to sin after. We explained that he didnt need to be perfect in order to be baptized, but worthy and with a real intention to follow all of the commandments of God. He said he had felt a calm feeling during the lesson. He then said,"Alright call the Elders to do the examine! Right now!" and we were like,"You mean your interview?" and he said,"Yes that thing!" It was 8:30pm and we were calling the ZLs to come over to give D. his interview, but their cell phone is broken and doesnt vibrate or make any noise so you cant tell if someone is calling. We told D. we could do it the next day, but he said,"No! If i dont do it now, ill probably never do it cause i know myself." So, we said a prayer to end the lesson and to pray that the Elders would answer their cell phone so D. could have his interview that night. Right as we were closing the prayer, the phone started ringing and it was the ZLs! They went over that night and gave D. his baptismal interview! MIRACLE! So, D. was baptized on Saturday and gave such an amazing testimony, there wasnt a dry eye in the room. He then was confirmed yesterday and received the Holy Ghost and spent his first night as a member of the church bringing a group of his non-member friends to our ward mission leaders house. BAM!

So there´s 4 missionaries in this ward. Us and another set of sister missionaries (one of them is my daughter, who I trained - Hermana Tamani) We live next door to each other in an apartment building. Last Tuesday, we went with them to the doctors because Hna Tamani has been having problems with her legs, which is normal for the sisters that work in that area because it's on the top of a mountain... A lot of sisters have been having issues with their legs from having to hike all day, every day so we finally talked to the President that same day. We brainstormed with him and our Zone Leaders and early the next morning we found out the sisters were going to be pulled out and the Zone Leaders put in. We spent all day looking for an apartment for the Elders. They switched areas because the area of the Elders is a lot flatter and safer at night. Before we knew it, i was doing divisions with Hermana G with the Elders and we had to learn the area of the ZLs in one day. The next day we found 2 new apartments, one for the sisters and one for the Elders and we had to move 4 companionships in one day. We ended up moving in the apartment of the sisters and helped them move in their new apartment. Sooooo long story short, we now have the Zone leaders in our ward!

We also were contacting this old man and we invited him to conference the next day. He ended up going all by himself! We invited him to church yesterday and he showed up again! He said hes been attending so many different churches, but is old now and just wants to join one. Golden!

We also visited the inactive Hno S. and his 14 year old son G. again. We asked G. if he read his pamphlet of the restoration and he said he did and taught us all that was in it. We asked if he believed it was true. He said he still didnt know if Joseph smith was a prophet, but he believed the Book of Mormon to be true because every time he read in the bible he felt in his heart a part was missing... WHAT?!! We explained that by through the Book of Mormon he can know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet because he translated it by the power of God. We explained the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph and he was like," Oh i understand! The Book of Mormon is the stick of Joseph and the Bible is the stick of Judah and when they are together they are a stronger testimony of Christ" OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. This 14 year old kid knows more than i do. 

Anyway, this week was a week filled with miracles and I'm so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me with so many tender mercies. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Hermana Sherman
When we found a house for the sisters, they have the best view and its 10 steps from the ocean!

D.'s baptism
Apartment hunting with the Zone Leaders
As I was studying, I looked out the door and was just grateful for how beautiful it is here.
In the grocery store we found these things...I dont even want to know what they are. (note from Lani's mom:  I looked up what "Criadillas" were...they are Honduras' version of "Rocky Mountain Oysters".  I don't think she will be trying these :)