Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things we learn through the Spirit, will stay with us forever...

Yesterday, we had a multi-zone conference with Elder Amado. We got to hear and learn from him all day, which was awesome. We talked about what the Spirit guided him to talk about and he told us not to focus so much on what he says, but on what the Spirit says to us because things we learn through the Spirit will stay with us forever. We talked a lot about after our mission and how we can apply everything we learn during our missions for the rest of our lives. 

We found out about another inactive family of 5! When we went to find them, it turns out they live next door to the other inactive family we found last week! The Hermana let us in because she said she saw us doing service and washing clothes for her next door neighbor last week! We really are always being watched, even when we don't expect it. It made me realize how important it is to be a representative of Jesus Christ 24/7. Even if we aren't serving full time missions, people are aware of the ¨Mormons¨ and its so important that we are always good examples. Who knows how many little seeds we can plant by our actions.

Honduran experience of the week: I went to grab something out of my medicine bag that I had put on the shelf in our kitchen. As I opened it I thought to myself, ¨Why is there rice in my bag?¨ I then saw literally thousands of the biggest, ugliest ants starting to freak out and crawl everywhere. It was not rice in my bag, it was hundreds of nasty ant eggs. We have bug poison, so I just went to town on the little guys. 

Weve been teaching this amazing investigator named Xiomara. She is 28 years old and lives with her boyfriend and they have 4 children. She has mastered every commitment we've given her. When we give her a pamphlet to read or a chapter in the Book of Mormon to prepare her for our next lesson, she reads the materials over and over and by the time we get their to teach, she already knows everything. I love teaching Xiomara because she has such a spiritual hunger. We finally had a lesson with her and her boyfriend Oscar for the first time and he is just as awesome! They made up there minds on their own to get married, because its against the commandments of God before we taught the law of chastity. Lessons with people like Xiomara and Oscar makes up for all of the bad ones. There is no better feeling than leaving a lesson spiritually uplifting and whole. 

Missionary work is great. I love my calling and being able to bring this great message of the Restoration into peoples lives. I know that the Lord restored His true church on the earth through a modern day Prophet and that we now have the power and keys to carry forth this great work. 

Hermana Sherman
Our normal walk to an appointment with the company of cows
A sugar cane! You just bite a chunk off, chew the juices, then spit it out.

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