Monday, February 3, 2014

Instruments in the Lords hands

Hello there!
This past week we were able to teach a street contact reference from the other Hermanas. Her name is Xiomara and she is awesome! She is drawn to the church because of how pretty the church buildings are. They truly are the Lords house! We have high hopes for her. but found out that shes not married either! So we are working with her.

We werent able to see Caesar for more than two weeks, and two weeks in mission life without seeing someone, is like a lifetime. We fasted and prayed specifically for him. While we were fasting, ALL of our appointments seemed to have fallen through. It was hot and we were all light headed and dizzy, We were led to the last street of our area where we were going to try and visit one of our investigators. She wasnt home either, so we were walking with our heads down humming the Charlie Brown song when a recent convert passed us. We said hi and asked him where he was going. He said he was headed to Caesars house! We asked if we could join him and he said yes. We FINALLY got in to see Caesar! We were able to talk about where hes at and his needs. I know that it wasnt just a coincidence. The Lord put us in the right place, at the right time. Ohhhh the church is true!

We also still meet with Santos as much as we can. I always love visiting him. Even though hes 82, he is so excited about learning new things. Whenever we walk up to his house whether its in the morning, evening, or night, he is chilling on his hammock reading the scriptures or the gospel principle book. He told us he is studying as much as he can about the Priesthood because he is going to receive the priesthood! He knows that its a precious gift and the power of God. He also said that he is going to go to the temple in march so he is going to work on his family history. I cant even explain how happy we are for him. Its the best feeling in the world to know we were instruments in the Lords hands in bringing someone the fullness of the gospel.
I just love being a missionary! 
Hermana Sherman
Some kids sitting in a tree eating the fruit like little monkeys.

Trying to catch a bunny for Randi :)

The difference in the water from the tap and purified water that we drink.

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