Monday, November 10, 2014

We had a day of miracles this past week...

This week we had divisions in Santa Rita and in Morazan! I traveled to Santa Rita and worked with Hermana Rodriguez for a day. It rained all day and was pretty cold, but we still taught a ton of lessons. Not one lesson fell through, which was a miracle in itself. We ended up challenging 6 people for baptism and all 6 accepted. Another miracle! The sisters house is the biggest in the mission. It"s huge! It has 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, 2 sets of sisters live there which is pretty fun.

We both traveled to Morazan, which is like the country of Honduras filled with cowboys, goats, horses, and cows. There's more stray dogs than usual, which is a ton. Divisions with Morazan were a little different than other areas because, literally every single appointment would fall through that we contacted. Morazan is an amazing place to contact! We didn't even have to say who we were and people invited us in. During divisions we found and taught 18 new investigators.

It started getting pretty cold here and I thought i was going to die. I had to sleep with 3 blankets. I looked at a thermometer and it was only 65 degrees... How am i going to survive this winter? I think I'm going to go into shock. 

We had a day of miracles this past week.We taught a lot about the Plan of Salvation. We found so many awesome investigators who have been prepared to hear the gospel. We found a couple  of teenagers and taught the plan of salvation. One is named K__ , she read her pamphlet and saw that there was a little picture of a Book of Mormon and begged us to give her one. She also has so many awesome questions and is only 15 years old.

We were contacting a little old lady and she just pointed to a house across the street and walked away haha. We contacted the house and a guy in a wheel chair came out. He asked if we were Latter-day Saints then invited us in. He said his name was Juan. Juan just recently had his leg amputated and said he was on the line of life and death. It was a miracle that he lived and knew it was for something. He said that when he saw us it was a confirmation that God had something he still needed to do on earth. 

We found a sweet lady named Jessica who recently lost her Grandma and when we told her she would be able to see her again she started crying for joy.

We met another young mother whose husband was just killed and said she was never taught there was life after death. 

Another Grandma we found said her grandson had been killed not even 20 days ago and wants to know what she can do to see him again.

With so many deaths in Honduras it also makes everyone prepared to hear the Gospel. Its just sad when they choose to use their agency to reject it. It still breaks my heart every time, but the little things like hearing someone pray for the first time makes up for all of those depressing moments. I know that life doesn't end at death. Salvation is individual, but exaltation is with your family, that's why we need to work together.

Hermana Sherman