Monday, November 17, 2014

I just need to worry about being obedient and the Lord will do His part in protecting me...


We had Stake conference this last week and 7 new investigators showed up! Success! The ward hired a bus to go around and pick everyone up and take them to the stake center. The talks had a theme of directly talking to the youth. The youth are tempted so much these days with internet at their finger tips. I read a talk about being where you're at. If you're with your friends be with your friends, not texting other friends. If you're driving, drive, not on your phone. If you're in church, listen and learn instead of playing games or using facebook. Before i left on my mission, this was turning into a big problem with everyone on their phones or computers all the time and not enjoying peoples company. Most of our progressing investigators are youth and we have taught them to put their phones away and turn off the tv when we're there. We are teaching a lot of amazing youth that keep every challenge we give them and have testimonies of the church. We have also been teaching a lot of couples, but their challenge is getting married. It's so hard for someone to get married here in Honduras, it's ridiculous, but we still have faith. 

We were walking home one night and all of a sudden the biggest, scariest, Rottweiler dog escaped through his gate and was running at us snarling and growling. I  thought for sure I was going to die. We both just stood there frozen and the dogs owner was screaming at him not to bite. The dogs here are guard dogs, crazy they go in for the kill. All of a sudden, the dog stopped two feet right in front of us just staring at us. It then turned around and went in its house. The owner was in shock and didnt know how, but we were definitely protected that night. I dont even know how many times I've been protected. It's such a comfort to know that as a missionary, I just need to worry about being obedient and the Lord will do His part in protecting me... especially in Honduras. 

Yet another week has flown by and I dont even know where the time has gone :( I am trying to enjoy my time here while i still have it, but every day just keeps getting faster and faster! I am grateful for the time I have to serve my Savior and know He lives!! 

Hermana Sherman
Hermano Oscar!
Gabi and her family

Making bread with Hermana Flores

Wakiria and Berta. My favorite people in Ceiba with their dog Bindy!

These things are everywhere and they're huge!

Serving by sweeping garbage in front of our investigators house.

Pday with our Zone, we went to a park to have a picnic