Monday, December 8, 2014

Last email from Honduras...

Okaaaaaaay. I dont even know where to begin... I know I always say that I had the best week filled with miracles, but really... this week tops them all. 

I saw AUNTIE CHIPS!!!!!!!! She is the cutest little old Asian lady ever! And the sweetest!!! We met up with her and her husband in San Pedro Sula today and ate lunch and walked around. It was so special and she made a huge sacrifice to meet up with me. HUGE tender mercy!!!

We had 3 baptisms on Saturday and another one Sunday morning. They are all 16 or 17 yrs old and are PILAS!! (Awesome) They all bore their testimonies afterward and the spirit was so strong. Im so grateful I was able to teach them and feel like i really didnt do anything because the Lord already had prepared their hearts to hear the Gospel. 

Sunday was rough. It was Fast and Testimony meeting and I almost cried. I felt a pit in my stomach the entire time that was horrible. I felt like i was homesick even though im going home. This is by far the best area and best ward ive been in during my mission and the time has been way too short. The members support the missionaries so much and it makes the world of difference! 

Tomorrow, we get to go to the airport and pick up all the new missionaries. There's 19 newbies! Then we give orientations all day, which is always fun. We then have a huge sleep over with all the sisters and Wednesday is when I officially lose my companion. I honestly cant even explain how i feel right now. I either have nerves or a parasite haha Im just grateful. Grateful for this time ive had to share with the people in Honduras. Grateful for my companions ive had, grateful for my mission president, grateful for my testimony.

Ive finally started to understand how much love Heavenly Father has for His children and how perfect the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. I know there is only true eternal happiness through keeping the commandments of God. Thank you familia mia for your love and support while being here in Honduras. 

Mama and papi, I love you and how much ive taken you for granted. Brothers and Sisters and Inlaws, I fully expect to have a volleyball and pingpong tournament when i get back. Cant wait to squeeze your guts! I might be a little emotionally unstable for a little bit, but if i randomly start crying in fetal position in the corner, just ignore me and Ill turn back to normal soon. I am looking forward to baths, carpet, and washing machines. Woohoo!!

Hermana Sherman
Baptisms of Ricardo, Guadelupe and Alejandro

Auntie Chieko (Chips) & Rafael

Escobar family

Baptism of Katia