Monday, December 1, 2014

This week was amazing...lemme tell ya!

This week was amazing...lemme tell ya!
I got to go to TELA!!!!! We did exchanges and I worked in Tela (my first area). We had two activities with the Branch and a Relief Society Training. I got to see a lot of members and it was so fun! I also got to see Hazy! The cute little girl that used to live by us and would always ask us to sing I am a child of God. I was walking up to her house yelling her name and she ran out and gave me the biggest hug. Her Mom looked really good and happy and said her husband has changed and isnt drinking anymore, so the Hermanas are going to visit them. It was especially fun seeing all of the fruits of our labors. 

We contacted a family when I was there and this last Saturday, one of the daughters got baptized. The church attendance has now tripled and has reached 120, when it was only around 40 when I was there. I wish I could visit every one of my areas and all the members because they've all made an impact in my life.

We got a toilet seat!! It was like Christmas morning. For Thanksgiving we ate rice, beans, and gineo (boiled bananas),which I'm totally fine with that! Just grateful for my area and my Companion, and all of the blessings Heavenly Father has given me.

Last week we fasted for our investigators, especially for K_ and B_. We were a little bummed one night because Satan has been working really hard with K_. We were joking around saying that we needed to fast again because it didnt work. We called B_ 5 minutes later to remind him to read his Book of Mormon when he says," Soooo my brother and friend Ricardo want to be baptized and they want to know what they need to do." We were like OKAYYY, the Lord blessed us with 2 more investigators. It turns out K_ only was a little bit down because one of her best friends moved away, but has already read to 2 Nephi in the Book of Mormon! Shes also attended church the past 4 Sundays and loves it. She is an awesome example to her sister and friends.

B_ was baptized Saturday!! There was such a sweet spirit there and when he bore his testimony and thanked us for teaching him. All the hard work pays off in moments like those.

We have 4 set baptismal dates this Saturday with possibilities of 2 more. We are working really hard sprinting to the finish line. We are seeing more miracles every day and I now have a strong testimony of the power in fasting. 

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