Monday, November 18, 2013



This week has flown by! We had divisions again and this time I was paired with Hermana Baltizar! Pretty sure we were best friends in the pre-existence. She knows her Nacho Libre and is hilarious. We had a blast all day as we worked hard. 

We received a reference from the President of the Rama for a woman named Antonia. We found her and she is AMAZING! She is 93 and is a member. She is also really sick. Her feet are swollen and infected and she has to sit in a chair or lay in her bed all day. She said that she thought she has been forgotten by the ward until we came. She loves to sing hymns, and I love listening to her sing. She sings with her whole heart and soul pronouncing every single syllable. Her daughter takes care of her and when we knocked on her gate and asked about Antonia, her daughter asked," Why are the Mormons looking for you?" Hermana Antonia said," Because I am one!" She is the sweetest lady Ive ever met.  

The vision for our mission is D&C 87:8  

Wherefore, stand ye in holy places, and be not moved, until the day of the Lord comes; for behold, it cometh quickly , saith the Lord. Amen.

I love it because the purpose of missionaries isnt to baptize as many people as we can and then throw them in the streets. Missionary work is eternal. We are focusing on helping others come unto Christ and endure to the end. The work doesnt stop after baptism, but we can only receive the promised eternal blessings if we continue to progress every day and stand in holy places, such as assisting church and temples and striving to have the Spirit in our homes.

I love being a missionary! Its the best feeling in the world and Im trying not to take for granted my calling, which is the highest calling I will have in this life. There is no better feeling than helping someone take a few steps closer to their Heavenly Father. The Church is true!

I wont be able to write next week but all is well! Love you all!

Hermana Sherman
When I first arrived in Tela, these two babies were newborns! They are cousins and a distraction during Relief Society because they are so cute.

Vanessa and her little sister moved out of our area this past week :( I will never forget them
When we had divisions and the Hermana Sister trainers came to our house, we didnt have power all night! We were a little toasty sleeping and smelt like a garden of flowers, 4 to 2 beds without showering all day. We had a blast though.

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