Monday, January 27, 2014

Serving a mission isn't a sacrifice, it's a pleasure


So I didnt get transferred, I am still in Porvenir with Hermana Alcequiez! Woohooo!!! I love it! This past week we have found new families that are spiritually hungry and I know the gospel is going to change their lives! How exciting! 

This last week we had a multi mission conference in San Pedro Sula! Elder Ochoa and Elder Ulisses Soares who is a member of the Presidency of the Seventy! It was awesome because I can actually understand spanish now haha. One thing Hermana Ochoa said that really struck me, was that we´re not going to be blessed for being here on the mission, but what we do on our missions. I want to really give my ALL. These 7 months have absolutely flown by and I have a feeling its only going to go by faster. I dont want to waste the Lords time. Elder Soares said we have been called to succeed specifically here in Honduras. Serving a mission isnt a sacrifice, its a pleasure. I truly feel that way.  They asked a couple missionaries from each mission to sing a special musical number and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of them! I love singing with missionaries, theres a different power and Spirit.

We are working with a lot of families right now that are ready to be baptized, but have the challenge of not wanting to get married. Here in Honduras, it is very rare to find a family with the parents married. We are working with them to recognize the importance of marriage and obeying the law of chastity. 

Im grateful for the small miracles we get to see every day. We have been visiting a less active member for a while now and she told us that every message we share with her, is exactly what she needs at that moment. Yesterday, we felt like we needed to teach the law of tithing. Right before we entered her house we rethought about teaching tithing because it was kind of random, but then decided to go with it. We read her a few scriptures that pinpointed a question shes had built up for years, but never got the chance to ask anyone. We were able to take away a little thorn that has been bothering her for years because we listened to the Spirit. Similar experiences happen every day and its so crucial that we follow the promptings of the Spirit.

Everything is great here in Honduras. Im a little curious to see what summer is like here. I guess the hottest months are March, April and May... we shall see! Ive gotten use to killing spiders with their rear ends the size of quarters and throwing buckets of water on myself to bathe. We were eating lunch at a members house and she put a bowl of soup in front of us. Im not the biggest fan of the soup here. Its more like a bowl of surprises. There was a huge chunk of meat in the soup, which I was grateful for. As soon as I bit into it, I realized it was not meat. It had the weirdest texture, like I was eating my own tongue, with hair.. I was afraid to ask what it was. NEVER ask what you're eating! I overheard a sister saying that it was chicharron, which is pig skin with its hair still attached... I said a quick prayer to myself and stuffed the rest into a tortilla, then washed it down with juice. You'd be proud of me Mom.

Life is good. love being able to focus on developing Christlike attributes every day. I am so happy. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I know that Christ lives. The Church is true!

Hermana Sherman
Mi Hija, Hermana Tamani at the multi Mission Conference!

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