Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pure happiness!


We had cambios today! My new companion is Hermana Morales!! Wow I cant even explain how awesome she is. She is from Bolivia and has been a member of the church for two years! She wanted a north american to train her and Im the only north american training right now! She also showed me a picture of a sister missionary thats serving in her home ward that shes really close to, and she happens to be from washington and is half Filipino... and we look a lot alike. I think this cambio was definitely inspired. I already can tell this cambio is going to be awesome. She is ready to hit the pavement running! 

I was talking with President Klein earlier today and he was telling me how amazing our new group of missionaries are. One Elder had to wait 5 years to receive his mission call. He filled out and redid his papers 3 times. Every time they were lost when they were ready to be sent in. 

On Saturday we we were asked to go to a primary activity with the whole stake. The activity was called "Mini MTC" Each ward had their own classroom and the kids prepared a lesson to teach real investigators. The investigators traveled room to room with the kids teaching them about the gospel all by themselves. All the kids had little name tags that said Future Missionary. The spirit was strong during their lessons and especially when they sang. This past week the primary president asked if she could go out with us to our appointments and with two kids in primary. They were so excited with their little name tags and backpacks with their scriptures. They read and bore their testimonies during our lesson. The Lord is truly hastening His work and there is no age too young to start doing missionary work. Im amazed at how much the children understand the importance of missionary work. They are already preparing at age 8! 

Last pday we were in la lima and we always go to a cute cafe that sells the best smoothies. The cafe is a part of a hair salon and so we always talk to the workers there, they're all awesome. We met two older men named roberto and mario. We started talking to them about the church. It turns out they both live in our little area! What are the chances! I only had The plan of salvation pamphlets so I gave them those and took down their information. We contacted them both separately this past week. Mario told us his wife had died and people told him that we arent going to remember this life after we die and there is only heaven or hell. We were able to teach him about life after death and the opportunity he has to live with her forever. He said he knows our message is true and that he wants to go to church this sunday. We also went to Robertos house and he told us his son was killed two months ago and that his Dad died two days earlier. We were able to teach him the same lesson. He told us he felt something he couldnt describe. A calm but warm feeling in his chest. We were able to teach him about the Spirit and during the lesson I too was able to feel the spirit testifying the truthfulness of our message. He then accepted to be baptized. We met with his wife the next day and she told us she was never taught how to pray. We were able to teach her and hear her first perfect prayer.

I feel so spoiled sometimes with all of the blessings I have. I love missionary work. Pure happiness! Life is gooood, real gooood. Never forget your potential and great worth. 

Hermana Sherman

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