Monday, April 21, 2014

Priesthood power of God is real!

I saw Brother Baird! Pretty crazy seeing someone from home. We met at a little chicken place in la lima and I got to meet Sister Laurinda who is the sweetest! Brother Baird is awesome! My companion is pumped now to study medicine in the US. I guess he was serving in this same zone 30 years ago! He said that it was a lot different then. Such a small world! 

Semana Santa is officially over which im kinda glad because absolutely no one was here in Porvenir. The entire world was at beaches or rivers playing hard core and we couldnt get as many teaching appointments as we would have liked. We did however have success with our investigators showing up to church!
We have been teaching Hermana Reina and Hermana Lorena. Lorena is 9 months pregnant and Reina has recently been really sick because she has a ton of ulcers in her stomach. The miracle of the week was that they both showed up to church! They dont live close and walked all the way. Right before the 3rd hour of church we looked over at Reina and she was crying. She was in a lot of pain and couldnt stand. We quickly grabbed the Elders to give her a priesthood blessing. Right after they gave her the blessing, she had stopped crying and was very calm. An Hermano drove her home and we visited her after church. She was happy and full of energy. She told us she doesnt feel any pain at all which was the first time in weeks. I know the priesthood power of God is real and im grateful for this experience to strengthen my testimony even more.

Our investigator Roberto showed up to church and stayed all three hours! Poco a poco. We taught him the word of wisdom this past week which I was a little hesitant because of some things he had mentioned in his past life. But WOW he accepted it with humility and understood the importance with ease! After church during ward council, everyone was shocked that he has been attending church. They said if he gets baptized, then well baptize the entire neighborhood cause everyone looks up to him. So thats our goal!

We ate pretty normal this week which was a relief. The only thing that was a little weird was sopa de pescado or fish soup, I guess they only serve during semana santa which Im grateful for.

I love you all and hope you guys have a fantastic week!

Hermana Sherman
Bro. Baird!
Sister Laurinda (the Nun who Glen Baird works with)

Hermano Cristoval

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