Monday, April 7, 2014


I ate cow intestines... I cant even begin to describe it. It was all different parts of a cows stomach mixed in a soup. I started eating it for 2 minutes then gave it to a security guard, which happened to be his favorite kind of soup. In the end everyone was happy. 

Today we went with the other Hermanas and visited the sweetest old lady ive ever met named Margarita. You have to take a bus 30 minutes and walk another 20 minutes to get to her house. Margarita is totally blind and has raised her 4 year old grandson all by herself. I dont know how she does it. She is alone all day long and was so thankful to receive visitors. She told us her kids live close to her, but never stop by to see her so we told her she can adopt us as her new daughters. I got to brush and braid her hair for her. She is a great example of  Elder Uchtdorfs talk this conference,  showing gratitude no matter your circumstances. 

CONFERENCE! Sunday morning was such a powerful session. Us 5 gringos in this zone got to watch conference in English in a tiny office of the secretary with air conditioning and nutella. Felt a little spoiled :) I couldnt write fast enough in my notebook there were so many great messages! Elder Bednar, Uchtdorf, and Holland are always my favorites. I felt like a lot of talks were about overcoming trials. It was made known that we are all eventually going to have a trial of our faith and so much depends on how we react. I have a testimony that trials are for our benefit, to make us stronger, and that there is no pain so deep that Christ hasnt already suffered.  He is here to help us and lift our load through making us stronger. Trials might not get smaller, but we can become stronger to endure them with more ease. 

I hope you guys got to hear ALL of the conference sessions. Its important we dont just pick and choose which session is most convenient for us. Just like we cant pick and choose what commandments we want to obey. But we listen and study all of the conference talks. An answer to a question youve had could be in any of the general conference sessions, but how would you know if you havent listened to them all?

I pray you all make habits of reading your scriptures and praying EVERY DAY. I cant even begin to explain  the importance of it. We hear it so often, but why do you think we hear it so often? Anyone who studies the scriptures and prays every day and attends church every Sunday will not fall. I also pray that we might be able to get our priorities straight, what really matters, and what really is of worth. I love you all so much.

Hermana Sherman
Sopa de mondongo (Cow intestines)

Official Honduras resident!
A little niƱo loves my camera and to take pictures

Hermanita Margarita. I promise I wasnt pulling her hair hard. Haha

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