Monday, April 14, 2014

Semana Santa

I dont even know where to begin! This past week we worked so hard and we are starting to see the fruits of our labors!

On our way to one of our recent converts, we always pass a house with an older man in a wheel chair who doesnt have any legs. His name is Cristobal, and we always just say hi and wave. We tried contacting the house earlier, but there was a lady who was pretty anti mormon so we would always just smile and wave from then on. This past week our recent convert Eblin, said that the anti mormon lady moved away and that Cristobal asked for us to visit him. We immediately went over with Eblin and visited him. His story is incredible, all that hes gone through. We have been visiting him every day since. Cristobal has never said a prayer to Heavenly Father thats not a repetition or memorized. He never knew he could have a conversation with God and that He can answer his prayers. Cristobals first prayer was a miracle. This past Sunday, the Bishop picked him up for church and Cristobal was patiently waiting outside ready to go. Cristobal has a baptismal date for the 3rd of May.

Another miracle. Our investie Roberto came to church again! This time he stayed 2 hours so next Sunday hes bound to stay the whole 3 hours! Haha Poco a poco. Roberto has a pretty intense past and we have been able to see his heart slowly open and he has a great desire to change.

 We had a couple members come up to us after church saying they were so surprised and happy both Cristobal and especially Roberto showed up to church. They said they are both really tough and couldnt believe we were teaching them. The great thing about the Atonement is that anyone can benefit from it. 

2 Nephi 26:27-28

 27 Hath he commanded any that they should not partake of hisasalvation? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but he hath bgiven it free for all men; and he hath commanded his people that they should persuade all men to crepentance.
 28 Behold, hath the Lord commanded any that they should not partake of his goodness? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but aall men are privileged the one blike unto the other, and none are forbidden.
It was funny because in Sacrament meeting we were sitting with Cristobal, Roberto and Santos (our recent convert) ages of 60, 74 and 80. The Elders were giving us a hard time after, saying that they didnt know there was a senior citizen section in Sacrament meeting.

We have also been teaching the sweetest 10 year old boy named Jafeth. Jafeth was born with his hands and feet a little deformed and has always felt neglected. Half of his family are recent converts and we finally have been able to teach him. Weve had to gain a lot of confidence with him and hes finally opened up to us. He is praying about his baptismal date!

I got scorched this week just from walking in the sun for an hour. I looked like a tomato for a little while. 

I also ate cow tongue. A family tried tricking me and cut the cow tongue up and gave it to us for lunch without telling us what it was. The huge tastebuds were kind of a give away. Haha it wasnt too bad, but I wouldnt ever pick it if I were at a buffet. 

This week is semana santa! Supposed to be a week of everyone reflecting on Christ, but its really a week of everyone going to the beach. Hopefully, we will get a couple good lessons in on the Savior and all that He has done for us. 

Alma 34: 8-10

 And now, behold, I will atestify unto you of myself that these things are true. Behold, I say unto you, that I do know that Christ shall come among the children of men, to take upon him thebtransgressions of his people, and that he shall catone for the sins of the world; for the Lord God hath spoken it.
 For it is expedient that an aatonement should be made; for according to the great bplan of the Eternal God there must be an atonement made, or else all mankind must unavoidably perish; yea, all are hardened; yea, all are cfallen and are lost, and must perish except it be through the atonement which it is expedient should be made.
 10 For it is expedient that there should be a great and lastasacrifice; yea, not a bsacrifice of man, neither of beast, neither of any manner of fowl; for it shall not be a human sacrifice; but it must be an cinfinite and deternal esacrifice.
I love you all!

Oh P.S President Klein told us last week that we dont have transfers this week woohoo! 6 months in Porvenir and this one is going to be the best!

Hermana Sherman
Jafeth and Eblin


Carne de coco
Hermana Xiomara


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