Monday, May 19, 2014

Cambios next week, we shall see where the Lord wants me!


What a week! Dont remember much of it, but I feel good about it. Haha 

Mi hija is doing a whole lot better. Her energy is coming back and shes starting to eat normal again. Hopeful everything just goes uphill from here! 

On Saturday, we were on our way to an appointment and passed by an old lady with her machete hacking away in front of her house so we offered to help. We started chopping away when the Elders happened to pass by and offered to help us too. Soon a couple kids down the street came over and brought their machetes too and started helping. Then her next door neighbor came out and said, "what a group of Angels you have!" and started working. The sweet lady is named Marta and she told us she has been out working since 7am and it was 2:30 in the afternoon. She was praying saying that she didnt want to work anymore, then we arrived. The Elders told us they were studying at their house and normally dont leave until 3, but felt like they needed to go out and took a different street to their area, which happened to be the the same street we were working at. We told Marta Heavenly Father loves her and she said she recognized that and we have an appointment to visit her tomorrow!

We had another Pday but with 3 zones this time. We went to an Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula, then to a place where they sell the craziest smoothies I have ever seen. Just when I thought it was impossible to put anything else on top of the smoothie, the guy added 5 more layers. Whipped cream, chocolate, sweet and condensed milk, strawberries, almonds, caramel, cereal, a candy shark, and all that over again 3 times. Our entire zone smashed inside a tiny van and the car was bottoming out almost the entire time. We had to get out a couple times to put the bumper back on.  

We have cambios (Transfers) next week so we shall see where the Lord wants me!

Hermana Sherman
Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula

3 Zone P-day! 
The biggest grasshopper I've ever seen!!!


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