Monday, September 22, 2014

I'll never forget our experience at Pico Bonito!

Yesterday we we ate lunch at a members house. She gave us tacos and I normally can eat 2 and am full. This time she gave us 4... I barely finished them and was breathing heavily on the 3rd one and was seriously praying on the 4th. As we were walking back, I was not feeling very good. Then Hna Bennett told me it wasnt chicken in the tacos, but soy meat... I had to go straight to the bathroom and it wasnt pretty from there. We didnt have much time to recuperate, so we went out to our appointments. We went to an appointment with C. and she gave us an entire plate full of food. I almost started crying and was praying so hard that i would just keep it down in front of her. She showed us a bowl of chili that she had made. I smelled it and it was soooo spicy. Later, we were talking as i was concentrating on a bite at a time and scratched my nose. C. yelled saying not to touch my face because i apparently touched the lid of the bowl with chili. My entire face started to BURN, like FIRE. I ran to the sink and dunked my whole head in while C. helped me. As we walked back, I noticed half of my food was mysteriously gone and Hermana Bennetts cheeks full of food... Haha that's service right there. I was able to finish my food. It honestly was a MIRACLE. Apparently, Hermana Bennett was also praying for me because she knew i wasnt feeling good ,but it was amazing how i was keeping it all down and was able to eat all of it.

Today for Pday our zone went up to Pico Bonito. Its basically hiking up a mountain for two hours to see waterfalls. We were all reminded of how out of shape we really are. You have to cross a pretty sketchy bridge to start hiking and some of the Elders were pretty terrified to the point where they were on their hands and knees crawling across Hahaha. We hiked about an hour and a half up, and right when we were on the point where you can see the waterfall, we stopped to take pictures. We didnt realize that there was a huge bees nest right where we were talking pictures. The bees started going crazy and stinging everyone. The pathways down to the waterfall was really narrow and pure boulders. Everyone started panicking and screaming and not caring about the pathway, but were diving down to get by the water. Just the other day my companion Hermana Bennett was telling me that shes never been stung by a bee and she got 8 stings. I got stung right in the throat. Almost our entire zone were covered in bee stings and it kind of killed the rest of the hike for us. We just wanted to hike down as fast as we could so we were all sprinting down hill. Every couple minutes you would hear someone scream that tripped or fell, but we all just kept going. I honestly never have sweated so much before in my life. We were ringing out our hair like towels and about a fourth cup of sweat dripped out. Well, we all made it back and lived to see another day. I will never forget our experience at pico bonito. 

We went to Roatan again this past week and I worked with Hermana Z. on Wednesday and Hermana M. on Thursday. They both have been out on their missions for only 3 weeks, but are such good missionaries! When I was working with Hna M. we were hiking in her area. (Her area is on a mountain) We were almost to the top when the appt fell through. She said shes never been to the top before but knew there were houses up there. We decided to hike to the top when we contacted a family of 7. The Mom said she had been attending different churches, but didnt know which pastor was right and had the right authority. We got to teach a little of the restoration and she asked that we would come back every day. She also started crying during her closing prayer and kept saying to come back and not have it be the last time we visited her. We had a powerful lesson with her and she had been prepared to hear the gospel.

C. and her daughter came to church! Its the best when investigators go to church for the first time and its even better when they have a warm welcome from the members. C. said she loved how everyone was a family and already misses the people she met, and wants to go to church every Sunday from now on!

Im grateful to be a missionary here in Honduras. There are so many miracles we get to see every day and i wish i had time to write all of them. I know without a  doubt that the Savior is at the head of this work and when we are worthy, He will give us opportunities to see miracles in being His instruments.

Hermana Sherman
on the way to Pico Bonito
The Bridge

Typical ride in Honduras

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