Thursday, October 2, 2014

Week of tender mercies...

Tuesday: We had our district meeting where we did practices of teaching investigators with profound doctrinal questions which is very common. I think a lot of times we get caught up in profound doctrine and it even takes a toll on our testimony. One question we can always ask is," If i know the answer to this question, will it help me reach salvation?" As missionaries we dont have to answer all of our investigators questions, just the ones that will benefit them to reach the ultimate goal of exaltation. 

Wednesday: Exchanges with El Im├ín. I went and worked in El Iman with Hermana Tito, this is her first transfer in the mission. She is so motivated and wants so badly to share the gospel with EVERYONE. She also soaked up everything and wanted to learn everything that she could. We found a lady who turned out to be an inactive member of the church. Her name is S. and it was a miracle  we found her. We quickly passed by her and if we hadnt taken the time to get to know her, we wouldnt have known she was a member to help her. We had a really good lesson with her and the Spirit was strong. I felt a special connection with her, as if I knew her before this life. One day we will find out.

Thursday: We met back with our companions at a training conference where the STLs always have to give an orientation. We have a ton of new missionaries from last transfer probably because they all just graduated high school.  Next transfer we'll be getting almost 30 more!

Friday. TRUJILLO. We took a bus bright and early to Trujillo and did exchanges with the sisters out there. Trujillo is the area farthest out in the mission and we have two sisters out there. I always have enjoyed doing exchanges in Trujillo because its so pretty. They have the beach, mountains and the cutest little town. We worked hard and taught 9 lessons and were able to find a lot of new investigators for them. They have a huge area, probably 10X the size of our area. It was a nice work out.

Saturday. We got up at 4:30 am to catch an early bus to Ceiba, but couldnt get out of the gate that was locked. We tried calling the neighbors so we could get the keys to open the gate, but they were dead asleep, (obviously). We decided to wait until it was a little lighter outside anyways because Honduras in the dark isnt the safest place on the planet. We went back to bed for an hour then finally got the keys from waking up the poor man. Here in Honduras there are no doorbells and they always have barbed-wired fences so you cant even get to the door to knock on it. You just yell,"BUENAS!" As we were yelling at the neighbors there were a ton of parrots around us yelling "Buenas!" at the same time. We were laughing. We got back to Ceiba and had 20 minutes to recuperate and  then we went out to do a SUPER CONTACT with our entire zone. Theres about 24 missionaries in our zone and we all worked in our area and the area of the other Hermanas that are up in the mountains. We all contacted and covered everywhere. It was so awesome! You could just feel the spirit of missionary work. We worked in the area of the other sisters and contacted an entire street when we realized we missed a house. We contacted it and a man came out in slacks and a nice collared shirt. We were thinking oh shoot, a pastor. He immediately told us he was a member of the church and works in Trujillo, but only comes to Ceiba to be with his wife and 4 kids on Saturdays. His wife and kids arent members, but he still goes to church in Trujillo. All of a sudden a woman runs out and grabs me and asked if i remembered her. I felt so bad because i didnt, it turned out she is the owner of the house that the sisters live in in Trujillo!!!S he isnt a member either, but we told her we were at her house that very morning yelling at her husband for the keys to open the gate. ISNT THAT NUTS?!?!?! What are the chances?! We were in shock.

Later that night we went to the Stake center to watch the Women's conference! We were praying that we would be able to watch it in English, but when we went to the secretaries office it was closed. We were so sad, when all of a sudden a sister passed by with her computer and said,"im going to try and watch conference in English with you guys!!" Her name was Emily and she had served a mission in Provo Utah. She said she normally watches conference at her house because she lives so far out, but decided to go to the Stake center and watch it after institute. She was scared she was going to have to watch it alone. Such a tender mercy!!! She was awesome and we talked all about her mission and the blessings of serving missions. She also reminded us of the culture difference from here and the U.S. She made us really grateful to be here in Honduras haha. Its so true what Elder Uchtdorf said in his talk about Heavenly Father not loving us for how perfect our hair, skin, and nails are, but who we are. I feel like the culture here focuses a lot more on that. The problems are also so different when its the end of the world if you dont get a lot of likes on a internet post, and here people are worrying about what they are going to eat for dinner. I pray i wont ever be blinded again.

Sunday: Literally every Sunday we run around trying to get all of our investigators to go to church and more often then not, it all falls apart last minute. We had planned to have 10 investigators go to church and they all promised they would and ALL fell through at the last minute. We were pretty annoyed and ended up walking to church late when we walked into Sacrament meeting to see A. one of our investigators who is planning on getting married to E. and than get baptized sitting there. This was the first time he had shown up to church and he came all by himself... another tender mercy. We didnt reflect on all the others not showing up to church at that time. This pretty much sums up the entire mission. Just one good investigator makes up for a hundred falling through. Ive definitely been learning how to reflect on the positive or else there is no way you could be a happy missionary. 

This was my week. All in all im happy. Happy to be here in Honduras, happy for my time to serve, happy with my Heavenly Father who has given me so much.

Hermana Sherman

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