Monday, July 8, 2013

2nd week...

This week has been CRAY CRAY! I have no idea where the time went! 

I love all of the Sisters here, especially the 3 other sisters in my zone. There were only 4 of us that arrived on the 26th and we are all really close. There's Hermana Olelare, Price and Hoffmanner (Mi Compañera) They have the same sense of humor as me and I'm so grateful and privileged to be here with them! Every meal we are all crying laughing so hard while telling stories and I'm still working on trying not to laugh so loud. Literally, everyone gets silent in the cafeteria and just looks at me after I laugh. I will be better. 

The weather has been pretty crazy. During our deportes tiempo (Sports time) It has POURED everyday. We get to play in the rain and it's way fun. There's also times when it's perfectly sunny and like 70 degrees when we study out on the grass. I LOVE IT HERE. I couldn't dream of going to another ccm. The people are hilarious and the food is the BOMB!

We have added another investigator so we teach 6 days a week! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to teach often because every lesson we've taught, I've learned so much from it. I learned how to study more efficiently. Last week I was trying to cram in all of the spanish i could. I would read my scriptures in spanish during personal study time and also during language study. I realized that I need to study the gospel and its doctrine first so that I may have the spirit with me, then the language will come. This week I think I learned twice as much because I focused my time on the gospel so that I may be truly converted before I try to convert others. 

Before every Sunday, we have to prepare a 5 minute talk and a Sunday school lesson. Every Sunday they pick 5 random people to speak and you don't know if they are going to pick you until they call you up to speak. They also do the same thing for the Sunday school lesson. Our first week here my companion and I were called to teach and it went pretty well for what we prepared. I also had a goal to know how to pray by the first Sunday I was here and had the opportunity to say the prayer in Sacrament that Sunday! I had a glimpse of what the gift of tongues can be like cause I was rolling my Rs out of no where and had a clear mind on what to say! Man I love this gospel

Yesterday we watched the Testament! That movie hasn't hit me so hard. I was carrying around a giant roll of toilet paper cause I've had a bit of a cold but I used more than half of it during that movie. A lot of times I have taken the atonement for granted and don't realize the importance of its blessing in my life.We also had an amazing devotional by Elder Bednar and he asked the question,"How can I tell the difference between the spirit and just me?" He said to QUIT WORRYING ABOUT IT! Just be a good girl or boy, keep the commandments, and press forward. He promised that we will not go amiss if we do those things. The spirit can't speak to us if we aren't moving forward.

I love you all and am grateful to be a representative of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los últimos días! The church is true!

Hermana Sherman 

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