Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 This is a picture of my district!!

This week has been amazing!! Last Tuesday we got to go to a field at a church with the entire CCM (which is only like 100 of us now) and we played a ton of games. Then we headed to walmart and a mall to eat food. The bus ride there was CRAZY!! People just drive however they want and we were doing a U-turn and our bus just cut in front of everyone without warning. I was screaming and digging my fingernails into the Hermana next to me cause I was right by the window. The other cars just casually slammed on the breaks like it was normal. We made like a 85 point turn and made it safely. The entire bus was clapping and cheering after we made the turn. It was hilarious. About a third of the CCM left last week and they were mostly Nortes (North Americans) and we got 4 new districts of Latinos! I think they are changing this CCM to Latinos only so we are the last Nortes that get to enjoy it here!

We have been teaching a lot. Up to 3 lessons a day and we teach the other districts a lot too. We are in rooms and there are cameras where our teachers watch and listen to our lessons. We also teach the Latinos who don't speak any English every once in a while and our first time teaching was pretty intimidating... We had to teach a trio and they were so understanding and nice when it took me about 30 seconds per word haha,  Also every Sunday we have splits with the Latinas and me and my latina companion were laughing so hard trying to figure out what each other were saying. I have gotten really good at charades, let me tell ya! Baby steps. I can understand a lot more spanish. I love it though, it's so fun when you actually know how to say something. 

We committed our second investigator to Baptism! He is our teacher but it still was exciting. 

On Sunday my district had an opportunity to sing at a Baptism for an 8 year old and a 13 year old. The Spirit was so strong! Even though the language is different, the spirit is the same. OH MY, there was also this latina baby at the Baptism and my heart MELTED! Oh my cuteness. Seriously, I love babies....

The four Hermanas that arrived when I did, are singing in sacrament meeting our last Sunday here so it will be awesome, I'm  really excited. 

My district is basically my family. We are all really close and by learning and growing together makes us even closer. Last week I was a little sick so they gave me a blessing. It was so touching to have these young men be so in tune with the Spirit. After we all took turns receiving blessings and for a lot of the Elders it was the first time giving blessings. I am grateful for the priesthood in my life and being able to witness the miracles from it. 

We had a devotional yesterday by Elder Amado! It was soooo good! I also got to shake his hand...he had very soft hands. He spoke a little to the Hermanas and my favorite thing is hearing all of the blessings that come from serving a mission. This will be my highest calling and I want to make the best of it. Missionaries are disciples of Christ and the only higher callings are the General Authorities and the Prophet. I'm really trying to cherish my time here and learn and grow as much as I can. 

Ok let me tell ya... THE FOOD!! I can't get over how good the food is here. Our District asked the CCM President if we could have a scale haha. He approved it so we can make sure were not all doubling our body weight haha. We finally had tamales for the first time last week and they were on steroids. I couldnt get enough! Anyway, I'm doing awesome and couldn't have been more blessed. I love my teachers, I love my companion, I love the weather, I love the Spirit here! The Church is TRUE!!
A quote from one of my Maestros

If you cant fly, then Run
If you cant Run, then Walk
If you cant Walk, then crawl
if you cant crawl, then just keep moving forward

Hermana Sherman

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