Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Arrived in Honduras

What a day! Im officially in my first area! I arrived in Honduras at 6 am yesterday and we all went to a chapel to have orientations. We met up with the Elders from Provo and it turns out one of them is twin brothers with an Elder that was in my district at the CCM! It was so weird seeing him cause they look, talk, and have the exact same mannerisms, so it was a little tender mercy that made it just a little bit easier. They shipped us to a market in Lima and we got to do some contacting! It was awesome and got me so excited to start working. Everyone was so friendly and was willing to listen to what you have to say. During orientations it was kind of a struggle to sit in a chair all day with 2 hours of sleep, but I learned a ton and got to know the Hermanas more. We had interviews with my Mission President and he is seriously so AWESOME! He has so much energy and you can tell how much he puts us missionaries first. At night, all the Hermanas went to a house and slept in a room with 3 bunkbeds together, it was a huge sleepover! I had to sleep in my skirt and blouse because the airport lost both of my bags but I got them back today :)

Today has been quite the day!! Everyone met at a chapel this morning where all us newbies had to introduce ourselves and we got to hear the testimonies of the missionaries leaving. Our mission President makes everyone do it in Spanish first, then English. A lot of the North Americans couldn't speak English anymore! They announced the changes and areas everyone is serving. My companion is Hermana Barrios! She is a cute latina that has danced her whole life. She is upbeat and has a lot of energy, which I need right now. After we rode a bus to our area, I was up against the window trying to sleep and now I have a weird shaped sunburn on my face haha. It was pretty loco and quite the journey. Our house is next door to the chapel so that's awesome and I'm lucky we get to write today! I was a little overwhelmed with the Spanish and what bathroom to go into when it says Dallas and Caballeros or when I keep forgetting to throw toilet paper in a bucket next to the toilet, but I know it will come and I need to put the gospel first! I have a stong testimony of this gospel and I know that it will bless these families for eternity. The church is true! I love you all!

Hermana Sherman

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