Monday, August 19, 2013

I couldn't be more blessed...

Oh man let me tell ya! I couldn't be more blessed. This week has been awesome. My companion and I are both new to this area so its been fun getting to know everyone and get comfortable. I can't even put in words how beautiful it is here, it's between a tropical jungle slash the hobbit.

One day, I was just in the bathroom minding my own business, when I met a new friend... He was living in my shampoo bag and decided to say hello. His name is Roberto. He's a scorpion :) Our friendship only lasted about 10 seconds when I had to sadly...end his life. May Roberto R.I.P.

The people here are incredible. Hilarious. We have a neighbor that we visit quite a bit and he has a bird named Tito. During our lessons, Tito likes to nibble on our neighbors ear or mouth the whole time, and sometimes I kinda lose control and can't stop laughing, but he thinks it's hilarious.

Uhhh for sure I'm not going to starve here. I eat Baleadas all day, everyday and I can't stop. They are sooo good, I crave them 100 percent of the time and I feel like it might be a problem. And Tres Leches. HEAVEN! Good thing we walk like 5 miles a day!

     For P day, we had it with 2 other zones! They all came up here to Tela and we went to the beach and had a feast with steak! I was in charge of cutting 10 onions and had a good laugh. My eyeballs were burning like no other, but soon passed. I don't think I can eat again for at least a couple weeks.
     Last week, we had a zone conference with Elder Ochoa! 4 of us missionaries sang and I don't know how I was randomly chosen, but it was a privilege! It didn't even hit me until after Elder Ochoa said he served as the Mission President for San Pedro Sula a couple years ago that it was Russell Ochoa's parents!! I got to talk to them a little more after our meeting and they were so nice!
     I got to teach the English class last week, which was pretty cool since there were only 3 of us including my companion haha, but it was fun. My talk on Sunday went well, I wasn't nervous, which was a blessing and the members said they could understand everything I said so that's a plus!
     Missionary work here is more about focusing on the inactive members and helping them endure to the end. It has been a blessing getting to know the people here. It hit me last night how many people there are in the world Haha. I was thinking about how the world evolved around me before and I had no idea how many good people there are, speaking different languages, but we all are still the same.
     Well life is good. I'm learning so much in how to teach according to peoples needs and how to adjust towards them. In order to bring investigators to where you are, you must first go to where they are. The Church is true!
Love you all!
Hermana Sherman

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