Thursday, August 1, 2013

Last email from Mission Training Center!

This is the last time writing from the CCM! I can't even believe it. I won't be able to write for two weeks, but the next time you hear from me, I'll be in HONDURAS!! A third of the CCM left last week and we only received 6 new Norte (American) Hermanas! We received 4 new districts of Latinos and 20 of them are going to Honduras with me! I was so happy when I got to meet all of them. It's a little intimidating being the only Norte, but I feel privileged!  We had splits on Sunday and I was with 2 Hermanas also going to San Pedro Sula. We were hugging and laughing the whole time cause we were so excited. I love it! 

Last Pday the CCM President took us to a park and a market. It was a blast and I took a ton of pictures, but they took our cameras away right when we got back, so I'll have to email them to you when I'm in the field.  The park we went to had a huge map of Guatemala and every type of tree here in Guatemala. The market was crazy. Not as crazy as the one in Mexico cause they gave us our space, but it was 3 stories and the bottom level had handmade baskets and pottery that was way cool. The middle level was all food. Everyone was yelling and it was a little crazy. There were pig heads and nice slabs of meat hanging out, which I don't know how sanitary that is, but it was interesting. The top level was all the clothes, shoes, and paintings. I could spend weeks in there looking at everything, but I only got a headband cause I wanted to wait until Honduras. After the market, we ate by a huge waterfall and watched all the kids play with the pigeons. It was a glorious day. My companion and I brought a Book of Mormon to give out so after lunch we prayed to find someone who needed it. Right after we prayed, I noticed a woman sitting by herself and she looked really sad. We went up to her and I don't even know what I was saying, but it was in Spanish and she understood everything. We explained the book and the promise that she will receive an answer if she prayed about it. She said she wanted to know more so we got her contact info and gave it to the missionaries in her area. What a rush! I was so excited after and I realized  I'm just going to be bearing my testimony for the next 17 months and its a lot easier when I know this church is true. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL!

Last week our teacher told us we are going to have a competition within our district. Every person starts out with 5 straws and we have to speak Spanish for a whole week straight. Whenever you hear someone else speaking English, you get to take one of their straws and the person with the most straws at the end gets a jar of peanut butter and a huge bar of chocolate. I wannna wiiiiin! haha. Everyone got super competitive and claws came out. After the 3 day people were dropping like flies and there were only 5 of us left. The funniest part is during Deportes you can tell who is in my district because  everyone is making weird espanol noises cause no one knows the actual words. During volleyball, I had my teacher teach me trash talk so now i know how to say, "You're the scum between my toes and stuff''.  A couple days ago they switched the rules to companionships, so we have to work as a team now. Me and my companion are dominating!  We have 15 straws now and I can already taste that peanut butter and chocolate!

Deportes has been switched to night times now so everyone has a bunch of energy to let out, it's so hilarious. The other night I was punch dancing and my name tag scratched up half of my face so I look pretty cool. Sometimes the Elders in my district have scripture battles and it gets pretty intense... only missionaries... 

I picked up a new investigator and we teach "missionary to missionary" 4 times a week. It's where we have to teach by ourselves with another missionary in our zone for 25 minutes at a time. It's a little harder without a companion, but my new investigator name is Kalvin who is pretty prepared and has a baptismal date for August 30th. Pretty stoked. Haha I play an investigator named Joni Sherman and she's dating a member of the church and wants to know more about the gospel ;)

Last Sunday was awesome! Sundays are my favorite because we get to watch movies and devotionals all day. We have two Relief Society meetings, a Sunday School meeting, a district meeting, Sacrament meeting and a couple Devotionals and movies. All of the meetings are so awesome because everyone has such good comments and I feel so uplifted. In Sacrament meeting I felt like I was going to be called on to give a talk (solo espanol) and it turned out that I was. I am grateful I was prepared! It was quite the rush though, felt like I was going to pass out for a little bit. but it turned out well and the Spirit helped me out a lot! 

My district sang at the devotional, the first verse was just me and my companion trying to harmonize. I was a little worried, but when the Spirit is there, it makes up for everything else. I am grateful for the gift of the Holy Ghost and I love learning about the different ways it specifically speaks to me. Without the Spirit, there's no use in being a missionary cause the Holy Ghost is what converts the people. 

We had an amazing devotional with Elder Bednar, he explained the importance of doctrine, principles and applications. We need to be focusing on the doctrine of Christ because that's what truly changes the hearts of people. We learn a lot about how we can apply principles to our lives. but we need to focus more on the doctrine and principles. 

It was another crazy week and I have learned so much! I am constantly being uplifted and am so grateful to be here at the CCM. I love the People, I love my teachers, I love the food and oh man I love the weather here! I love all of you guys and the church is true!

Hermana Sherman

My new mission home address is AP 1970 San Pedro Sula, Honduras CA. This is where you can send letters!

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