Monday, September 9, 2013

Ready and willing...

I don't even know how to begin about this week! We went up to Ceiba for a conference with all of the newbies. (All of the companionships with someone training) Ceiba is about an hour and a half away from Tela. I got to see all of the lovely Hermanas from the CCM and we had a grand reunion! President Klein asked Hermana Barrios and I to do a little presentation on how to have companionship study. The spirit helped me A LOT. Normally I don't speak as well in Spanish as I did. It's amazing how that works. Right when we got to the chapel President Klein pulled Hermana Barrios and I aside for interviews and Hermana Barrios went first. Then it was my turn. President Klein is always awesome and energized for this great work. He asked me to train next exchange! When he asked me, I felt a peace and calmness that everything was going to be ok. I trust in President Klein that he hears and follows the promptings of the Spirit and I trust the Lord that If this is what He needs me to do, then he`ll provide a way to accomplish it. We are called to succeed. Normally the training program is 12 weeks. but since I only have been here 5 weeks, we have 1 more week before exchanges to crank it out. If we weren't motivated before, we are motivated now and I can learn so much from Hermana Barrios so I'm going to try and pick her brain as much as i can this next week. 

After hearing the news in Ceiba, I have really felt Satan flip the switch. I've learned that before and after an amazing spiritual experience without a doubt, Satan is going to try and tear you down. I have once again been reminded of why I am here. I am here to further the work and bring others to Christ. Ready and willing to serve Him. Only after the trial of our Faith, can the blessings of the heavens be poured onto us.

This last week we had an activity with the ward called "Combate Mormón" We all first went to a members house to prepare the food, once again I felt ridiculous crying when the Hermana next to me was chopping onions. It's pretty intimidating chopping veggies next to all the Hermanas in the ward. They are pros! I love learning from them! We then all walked to a little field right on the beach. It was GORGEOUS! We played a bunch of games and I forgot what its like to be competitive. I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. And I'm pretty sure I threw out my arm chucking a ball at a niño during dodgeball. 
Life is GOOOOOD. I feel like I am being shaped and molded into someone the Lord wants me to be. We all need to start somewhere, sometime. The Church is True! And oooohhhhhh how I LOVE IT!

Hermana Sherman

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