Monday, September 23, 2013

When we put limits on ourselves, we put limits on God...

What a week! In the beginning of the week, we were wrapping everything up for Hermana Barrios to take off and made sure I knew how to do everything in order to train my new companion. Hermana Barrios and I were clinging onto each other for the past week because we knew cambios were coming up. I am so grateful for Hermana Barrios and her example of service and compassion. I couldn't have asked for a better trainer. We took off at 6am Wednesday morning and arrived in Progresso for cambios! That's where I said goodbye to Hermana Barrios and said hello to Hermana TAMANI, fresh off the plane! I could easily relate to her emotions because that was me only 6 weeks ago. Hermana Tamani is 20 and is from Lima, Peru! She has known her whole life that she wanted to serve a mission and the age changes in general conference was an answer to her prayers. She is strong. I found out that this whole time she hasn't been able to talk to her family because only her sister has email and she doesn't have it. It took us two days but we finally figured it all out for her. It made me so grateful for the technology we have now and I have been so blessed my whole life with this technology at my fingertips. I love her energy because we have been able to pick up the pace a little bit this past week and further this marvelous work! I've already seen miracles!
I have felt the strength from everyone's prayers and have never relied on my Savior more. I am not alone. I am now starting to understand the true meaning of faith. I know that I cannot do this alone so as I have handed everything over to the Lord, He has filled what I lack. I am being stretched and molded into the person my Heavenly Father wants me to be. I am a daughter of God. When we put limits on ourselves, we put limits on God. 

Thank you for your support! The Church is true!!

Hermana Sherman
Saying goodbye to Hermana Barrios (trainer)
Last district photo
New companion from Lima, Peru!
Teaching the RS sisters how to braid their hair and learning how to make Baleudas

Leches, a weird fuzzy fruit that is so good!

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