Monday, September 2, 2013's all on His timing, not ours.

This week has pretty much flown by! I have no idea where the time has gone! We have learned to have patience that the Lord will direct us to those that are prepared and it's all on His timing, not ours. 

We had a Leadership meeting with the Area leaders and it was awesome. Hopefully, it got everyone pumped so we can all work together. I've learned that missionary work is a team effort. You can't bring new investigators in if they don't feel welcomed or there's a lack of ward unity. So hopefully, everyone can act upon what we discussed and start getting the ball rolling!

I had my first division! We had the sister zone leaders spend a couple nights at our house and I went on splits with Hermana Blanco. I LOVED it! It was fun learning that everyone has different styles of teaching, which can pinpoint certain people.We have a neighbor who is a cute old lady that broke her arm and has been in a huge cast for a lonnnng time. She can't really brush or wash her hair, so I've been brushing and braiding her hair every other day for the past couple of weeks. I felt sorry for her cause I don't know when the last time she brushed her hair or had it washed so I'm going to set up a little washing station for her so I can wash her hair for her. I'm also going to teach a braiding and styling class this week for the relief society to have a nice activity where we can start building unity in the ward!

We were walking to an appointment and suddenly there were thousands of butterflies in the sky and I was all.. "Oh how pretty!" Then my companion started yelling, "BATMAN!!" They were bats...  everyone was making gestures with two fingers that they bite your neck! Holy cow! I'm still not sure if they bite or not, but I had a minor freakout. 

It poured this week and there was water up to our knees on some trails. After it rains all the crabs come out. We do our laundry in a little space and there were 6 giant crabs chilling there and would creep up at my feet every 3 minutes, so I had to sit on the counter to do my laundry. I have a picture and if you zoom in under the door you can see one of the crabs, they're also on the pipes. 
 We live right next to a fĂștbol stadium and the other day was a game. The whole town shut down and you could hear yelling and horns being blown from miles away. I guess we have to stay away from the stadium when there's a game cause people go pretty nuts. It was crazy! 

This week we have a conference in Ceiba, and Hermana Barrios and I were asked to teach/act out how to study and plan for a lesson for all the missionaries! I'm excited! I have already learned so much while being here and can only imagine the person I can become after 18 months. The blessings promised are infinite!

Yesterday was my first fast Sunday in the field!! This opportunity I had to fast really built my testimony. I immediately felt stronger spiritually, mentally and physically. We have so many opportunities to strengthen ourselves and if we actually take them up, the blessings are incredible. I couldn't be more grateful that I'm here, serving a mission. My eyes are slowly being opened to how marvelous this Gospel truly is. The Church is true!

"Draw near unto me and I will draw near unto you; seek me diligently and ye shall find me; ask and ye shall receive, knock and it shall be opened unto you." -D&C 88:63

"...Be faithful and diligent in keeping my commandments of God and I will encircle thee in the arms of my love." D&C 6:20


Hermana Sherman

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