Monday, October 21, 2013

Another week in paradise

Hola!This week has seriously FLOWN by and its hit me at how fast time flies on the mission. Hermana Tamani and I went up to Ceiba for a meeting with the new missionaries and their trainers. Its crazy to think I was the newbie 6 weeks ago. They had the new missionaries and their trainers separate into different rooms and everyone was telling me I was in the wrong room. Haha. But what a week with so many service opportunities! The 3 families that are members in our area all had their own trials. All 3 families had someone in the hospital. Two mothers had complications with their pregnancies and the other family had a daughter sick in the hospital. We have been able to visit the families and offer our help in anyway we can. We've also had a lot of opportunities to meet new people and see the hand of the Lord in our work. We have met so many people that I know we were suppose to meet at the right place with the right timing. 

I gave a talk last Sunday on "Noche de Hogar" or family home evening! I was able to reflect on my family and how grateful I am for being brought up in the Gospel with loving parents. I have really taken  for granted being born in the church and now see the difference it has on families and their relationships. There is so much wicked in the world right now and  its essential that parents and their children have a strong foundation because the first thing the adversary is going to attack is families. I love my family! I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for each and everyone of you. 

Next week we have cambios! (transfers) I cant even believe it. This past cambio has helped me grow so much and Ive learned not to worry about the attitude of others, but that I need to focus on my attitude and my reactions. Its helped me so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve! Life is good, I found nutella. The church is true!

Hermana Sherman

The beautiful Honduras

I brush and braid the sweetest lady's hair a couple times a week cause she broke her arm and cant do it herself.

Breakfast! it was like funnel cakes with butter and jam!

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