Thursday, October 31, 2013

Extra treat for this MOM!!!

Lani said since she didn't have cambios she was able to email twice in one week, so she sent me pictures!!! 

P-day fishing!
She didn't put a description with this, have no idea what those are.
The 4 missionaries in our rama!

Hermana Reyes! She was my companion for a day in the CCM and has been such a great example to me! She is the only member in her family and her family doesnt really support or write her on her mission. She is so strong and has a solid testimony. She is going home this cambio because they found a tumor in her stomach. While she was waiting at the hospital she was contacting everyone in the waiting room with her big smile and they didnt think she was really sick so they ended up waiting for 5 hours for a doctor to see her. She is AMAZING!
Our district! Our district leader Elder Pugh and Hermana Reyes have cambios and are leaving us :(

These two are our neighbors. Hazi is 7 and her sister is 2. Hazi takes care of her sister and basically is raising her. Hazi always comes to our door yelling "HERMANA CHERRRMAN!!" and always asks if we can sing for her. We sing I am a child of God every time and she has most of it memorized now. She is a special daughter of Heavenly Father

a couple of baby pigs were hanging out in front of our house

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