Monday, January 20, 2014

The great Plan of Salvation...

I cant even believe its already time for cambios! I am willing to go and serve wherever and with whomever the Lord needs me... but also have been praying with a side note that if it was posible, I would really enjoy staying another cambio with Hermana Alcequiez in Porvenir.
This week out of nowhere it was freezing! I was definitely not prepared and should have listened to Mom when she told me to bring a jacket.

Today we had Pday with President Klein and Hermana Klein with our zone because we had the highest percentage in recent convert church attendance! We hiked up to a Coca Cola sign in San Pedro Sula. Its kinda like the Hollywood sign, but says coca cola... I got my exercise in for the day and hopefully will be able to move tomorrow.

We received a reference from a member in another stake for a man named Cesar. We passed his house every day for probably 3 weeks. On Friday, we walked up to his house and I told Hermana Alcequiez that either Satan really doesnt want us to meet Cesar, or hes not prepared yet. We FINALLY got in contact with him. He recently had 2 accidents at work. One was with his legs and during another, he cut off the tips of his fingers on his right hand. When we first met him, there was immediately something different about him. He told us he was in the hospital and it was pretty serious after his accident. He said that he had a dream. He started explaining his dream with specific details about life after death and temples. We asked him to write everything down in his dream and we gave him Alma 40 to read. Our next vistit he told us that Alma 40 was a lot like his dream. We taught the Plan of Salvation and could see his spiritual eyes starting to open. I thank Heavenly Father for entrusting us with the chance to get to know Cesar and teach him about the great Plan of Happiness Heavenly Father has for us. I know that the Plan of Salvation is not a plan from man, but that God himself has created this plan that will not fail.
I love being a missionary, I love my calling. I am so happy and even happier when im fully immersed in this great work. I love you all and pray that we all can pray for courage to share the gospel in opportunities that the Lord gives us.
Hermana Sherman

A cute family we found contacting
During study time we almost died of cold, so we had to put on layers of the clothes we had

Service! We painted a members kitchen!
First time riding in the back of a moto taxi and felt like we were going to die!
There are 6 missionaries in this ward and we are our own district.

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