Monday, January 13, 2014

I love this perfect gospel

Ok ok I dont even know where to begin! This week was another amazing week that absolutely flew by!

We were planning on a baptism next week with a 25 year old Mom named Carolina. She had a baptismal date for 2 weeks ago, but two days before her baptism, she had her baby. We pushed her date back 2 weeks so she could recover and physically be ready for her baptism. We visited her on thursday and she told us that her husband just left her and her 3 year old son and newborn baby. We shared a scripture with her and said that the Lord is always by her side. She started to cry then said,¨I want to be¨ An 8 year old girl in the ward was having her baptism that day in 2 hours, so we immediately called the Bishop for an interview to help her out with her husband and a baptismal interview at the same time. Carolina was baptized that day and now on her road to the temple. Carolina is an example of strength to me. I know that through Christ, all of our unwanted feelings of sorrow, pain or guilt can be swept away.

We had talked to Santos about missionary work and asked him if he knew anyone that would like to hear our message. He said he would have to think about it. The next day we went to his house and he said,¨ I have a family I want to introduce you guys to, lets go right now!¨ We taught this new family and invited them to church. They said they would see if they had time and Santos said,¨Theres always time for God! We are all going Sunday.¨ Santos hasnt even been a member for 2 weeks and has joined the excitement and understands the importance of missionary work. 

I love my calling! I love this perfect gospel. I love the people here and I love serving the Lord. I know that the Savior lives and loves us. 

Hermana Sherman
Hermana Carolina and her 2 boys. Her baptism was the first time her baby had been out of her house since he was born!

An investigator that calls himself Will Smith

Our beautiful area and the side of the road
Holding a turtle that kept caressing my hand with its squishy feet and tiny claws.

We got caught in the rain without our umbrellas

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