Monday, June 16, 2014

Honduras is absolutely gorgeous


We got to travel a ton this past week! Tuesday we woke up at 3:30am to catch a bus down to La Paz where we had a leader counsel meeting with all the (ZL's) Zone Leaders, (AP's) Assistant to the President, and President Klein. I must have been really out of it cause I didnt even realize my shirt was inside out. We got back to Ceiba at 6pm and immediately went out to work. Right as we were about to enter an investigators house, the power went out so we had to immediately return home.

Wednesday, we did exchanges with El Iman and I worked with Hna Calpa in her area. Their area is right on the beach side! We visited a new investigator of theirs and she said she had prayed to know what church to join and right after she prayed, the Sisters showed up at her door. 

Thursday, we woke up at 4:30am to travel 4 hours to Trujillo. I worked with Hna Trujillo (Yes, her last name is the same as her area!) Her companion has been sick with Dengue the past 2 weeks and they havent been able to work hardly at all. I went out with Hna Trujillo as Hna Munoz stayed with Hna Vergara at the house. I fell in love with Trujillo! It is another cute city right on the beach! It has stone pavements and we taught a lesson right on the beach! We were able to find and teach 5 new investigators who were really receptive and it was a blast!

Friday, we woke up at 4:30am again and headed back to our area. I was pretty out of it was once again, I realized my shirt was inside out for the second time this past week. 

In my last area in Porvenir, there is the Juarez Family. We had some sort of idea that i would be sent here in Ceiba next, so Hermana Juarez gave me a couple references of her family who are inactive in the church. We finally found where they lived and visited the 17 year old niece. She was baptized when she was 10 and became inactive at 13. She bore her testimony to us about the church and how she knows its true. She only lives with her 19 year old brother and was just shy to show up to church by herself. She promised to go to church next week and it turns out she lives 5 houses down from us. Miracle.

I love my calling! Honduras is absolutely gorgeous and im falling more in love every day. We are planning a conference between all the Sister missionaries this week. We are going to have two different conferences so that all the sisters can attend and we get to speak at both of them. Im really excited and all the the sister missionaries here are great and I learn from them and look up to them so much!

Hermana Sherman

Above is with my friend Christopher Columbus

We taught a lesson right outside that house!
Outside the beach house

Hermana Trujillo
Las Colinas con Hna De Leon


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