Monday, June 30, 2014

Cant believe I completed a year last week!

Ohhhhh Hello!
What a week. Saturday the 21st, my companion wasn't feeling well. We went to church Sunday and after that, she went down hill. She had a fever of 103.1. She had a pretty rough week and we finally went to the hospital Friday and turns out she has dengue. Dengue is a virus you get from mosquitos and its not very pretty. I felt bad cause we did a lot of traveling in the beginning of the week and went to a multi zone conference in La Paz with Elder Ochoa! When we first got there the air conditioning wasnt working, which was kind of a distraction, it was nice and toasty. Then im sure with a lot of silent prayers from the missionaries, it started working. He taught us about Faith in a simple but powerful way. We hear and teach a lot about faith during our missions, but I still learned so many new things. He defined Faith as an action or power. When we have faith we are acting and continually nourishing it. After the multi zone conference we had another meeting with Elder Ochoa and the leaders of the mission and got to hear his advice on furthering missionary work here in Honduras. The rest of the week we took it easy so Hermana Munoz could rest.
Saturday, we went to a stake activity with the youth and had a Mini MTC. We went out and contacted with them for a little bit. The youth here are amazing. They are already experienced cause they love going out with the missionaries so much. It was kind of funny cause the first man we contacted he straight up shut us down and one of the girls said," Thats it, im not going on a mission." She was joking, but the next house we contacted we met a young family and they let us in. They have a newborn baby so we taught the plan of salvation with about 8 Hermanitas and filled the house. It was a special experience.
Cant believe I completed a year last week! Every day keeps getting faster and faster! Now i just want it to slow down. I am so grateful for being here in Honduras, being able to serve others, and learn so much from them. I know that the góspel of Jesús Christ brings hope and happiness and peace into lives.
Hermana Sherman

Sister conference

President & Sister Klein (Lani's mission president)
Exchanges with Hermana Alfaro in Independencia
The bus ride back to La Ceiba


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