Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ohhhh my goodness oh my goodness this week was absolutely AMAZING!!! I dont even know where to start!

Monday night we were up until 1am finishing a poster for our presentation to the Hermanas in the mission at our conference.  We made 2 cute little cartoon sister missionaries.

Tuesday we got up at 3 30 am again to catch a bus to La Paz but then realized there wasnt a bus to la paz until 6am. I think it was for a reason cause as we were waiting, i realized we forgot the USB with our power point on it. The bus was 30 minutes late and we arrived at the conference 30 minutes late. Luckily they put our presentation last so we would have a couple minutes to set up. The conference was with half of the sisters in the mission. There are 3 companionship's of Sister Training Leaders and we all prepared presentations. We talked on Modesty while the other two talked about the importance of exercising and healthy food. All in all it turned out good and we ate an amazing chicken salad. We traveled back to La Ceiba and had time to teach one lesson which we finally got to teach Julisa about the Book of Mormon and her brother was there and super interested! 

Wednesday we got up early again and this time had time before the second conference here in La Ceiba. The conference went awesome. The sisters have such strong spirits about them. Hermana Klein put the conferences together and has such a love for the sister missionaries.

After the conference we started exchanges with Independencia! I worked with Hna Alfaro. She is awesome! We arrived to Honduras at the same time. She is so easy to work with and is a great missionary and is so strong.

Now for the best part. Let me tell you about our investigator named Derian. Derian is a 17 year old muchacho. He has attended church more than 12 times and attends seminary at 5am everyday. His challenge has been accepting a baptism date. We have been working so hard with him ever since ive gotten here and hes been a little stubborn. Saturday we had a lesson with him and the other sisters De Leon and Hernandez in the room of the baptismal font in the church. 1st we couldnt open the outside gate to enter the parking lot. Then after 10 minutes we finally entered. Then we couldnt open the door to the church, after 15 minutes we got in. We planned on watching a short film with him but there wasnt power. The power turned on and then the movie didnt work and I randomly had a short film about the 10 virgins so we watched that. Finally the lesson began and we started bearing our testimonies. I dont think ive felt the spirit so strongly before in my entire mission. We asked Derian how he felt and he said nothing. We told him we knew he felt the spirit cause we all felt it. He then started to open up and describe his feelings. We then challenged him to baptism and he still wasnt sure so we all got down on our knees and he prayed to know if he should be baptized. We all waited and he said a silent prayer to himself as we were all praying for him to receive an answer. He finally opened his eyes and bent over saying, "My body is really hot". We then gave him a scripture and explained the burning in the bosom. He finally received his answer and could not deny it. I know Heavenly Father hears and answers the prayers to all of His children! I will never forget that tender mercy and miracle. 

We are now in La Paz and going to spend the night for another conference tomorrow morning. I cant even express how much i love being a missionary and being  witness to miracles everyday. I love you guys!!

Hermana Sherman

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