Monday, October 6, 2014


We didnt have transfers!! One more transfer with Hermana Bennett in La Ceiba!

CONFERENCE!!! Was amazing. I loved the talks of Lynn G Robbins, Carloa Godoy, David Bednar and Todd Christofferson.

Couple notes:
-Are we fearing man more than God?
-Instead of bringing God to where you are, go to where He is.
-Take responsibility of your spiritual being
-Take responsibility of your physical being
-The revelation of a parent has a lasting effect on the personal revelation of  the child.
-Decisions determines destiny.

We fasted with D... for his first time to see what date would be right for him to be baptized. He has had such a change of heart in the past couple weeks. Hes not taking baptism lightly, but takes in account every covenant he will be making with Heavenly Father. 

We contacted a reference from the Elders when we did the super contact last week. As we were in the lesson a man walked in and immediately greeted us. He told us he was a member and a District President in Colon, but was tempted by satan and fell. Hes been ashamed ever since and never returned to church. He visited other churches, but said they didnt even compare. He said as he was the District president there were only 5 active members. He had a dream that he was in the chapel and saw the chapel full of members dressed in white and took it upon himself to fill the chapel. In just a short time the attendance went from 5 to 70... all from one man and his vision. As he was bearing his testimony and talking about his spiritual experiences hes had, (Hermana Bennett and I found out later that we were both praying that the Spirit would touch his heart and he would be able to express himself) He then paused for a while and started weeping. We were able to bear testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and that it doesnt matter how many times we fall, but how many times we pick ourselves up. I know Heavenly Father put him in our path and we are so privileged as missionaries, to have been a witness of His tender mercies and that He trusts us with His child. 

I love my mission!  Im grateful for a modern day Prophet who holds all the the priesthood keys to this dispensation and for continual revelation, especially with the gift of the Holy Ghost. The church is true! 

Hermana Sherman
Our District taking a "catracha" The Hondurans dont smile when they take pictures

With our Zone Leaders
Sister Trainer Leaders & Hermana Klein

We had a nice storm and lightning struck 3 feet in front of me... and we got it on film!
We live on the 3rd level of the red apartments
Hermana Cheman
This baby reminds me of Boston when I left.

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