Monday, October 13, 2014

This week was the craziest/best week ever!!!

We have been working SO HARD with D., the young man weve been teaching forever. He has attended seminary at 5 in the morning almost the entire year. Has over 20 attendances in church and received his answer that he needed to be baptized. We had our zone leaders go over and teach him because hes been having a couple challenges with keeping the commandments and has overcome those challenges. During conference, we fasted with him for his baptismal date.Tuesday night, we were with him and had an awesome lesson with him. He had expressed how he was nervous to be baptized because he was too afraid to sin after. We explained that he didnt need to be perfect in order to be baptized, but worthy and with a real intention to follow all of the commandments of God. He said he had felt a calm feeling during the lesson. He then said,"Alright call the Elders to do the examine! Right now!" and we were like,"You mean your interview?" and he said,"Yes that thing!" It was 8:30pm and we were calling the ZLs to come over to give D. his interview, but their cell phone is broken and doesnt vibrate or make any noise so you cant tell if someone is calling. We told D. we could do it the next day, but he said,"No! If i dont do it now, ill probably never do it cause i know myself." So, we said a prayer to end the lesson and to pray that the Elders would answer their cell phone so D. could have his interview that night. Right as we were closing the prayer, the phone started ringing and it was the ZLs! They went over that night and gave D. his baptismal interview! MIRACLE! So, D. was baptized on Saturday and gave such an amazing testimony, there wasnt a dry eye in the room. He then was confirmed yesterday and received the Holy Ghost and spent his first night as a member of the church bringing a group of his non-member friends to our ward mission leaders house. BAM!

So there´s 4 missionaries in this ward. Us and another set of sister missionaries (one of them is my daughter, who I trained - Hermana Tamani) We live next door to each other in an apartment building. Last Tuesday, we went with them to the doctors because Hna Tamani has been having problems with her legs, which is normal for the sisters that work in that area because it's on the top of a mountain... A lot of sisters have been having issues with their legs from having to hike all day, every day so we finally talked to the President that same day. We brainstormed with him and our Zone Leaders and early the next morning we found out the sisters were going to be pulled out and the Zone Leaders put in. We spent all day looking for an apartment for the Elders. They switched areas because the area of the Elders is a lot flatter and safer at night. Before we knew it, i was doing divisions with Hermana G with the Elders and we had to learn the area of the ZLs in one day. The next day we found 2 new apartments, one for the sisters and one for the Elders and we had to move 4 companionships in one day. We ended up moving in the apartment of the sisters and helped them move in their new apartment. Sooooo long story short, we now have the Zone leaders in our ward!

We also were contacting this old man and we invited him to conference the next day. He ended up going all by himself! We invited him to church yesterday and he showed up again! He said hes been attending so many different churches, but is old now and just wants to join one. Golden!

We also visited the inactive Hno S. and his 14 year old son G. again. We asked G. if he read his pamphlet of the restoration and he said he did and taught us all that was in it. We asked if he believed it was true. He said he still didnt know if Joseph smith was a prophet, but he believed the Book of Mormon to be true because every time he read in the bible he felt in his heart a part was missing... WHAT?!! We explained that by through the Book of Mormon he can know if Joseph Smith was a true prophet because he translated it by the power of God. We explained the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph and he was like," Oh i understand! The Book of Mormon is the stick of Joseph and the Bible is the stick of Judah and when they are together they are a stronger testimony of Christ" OUR MINDS WERE BLOWN. This 14 year old kid knows more than i do. 

Anyway, this week was a week filled with miracles and I'm so grateful to have a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed me with so many tender mercies. THE CHURCH IS TRUE!

Hermana Sherman
When we found a house for the sisters, they have the best view and its 10 steps from the ocean!

D.'s baptism
Apartment hunting with the Zone Leaders
As I was studying, I looked out the door and was just grateful for how beautiful it is here.
In the grocery store we found these things...I dont even want to know what they are. (note from Lani's mom:  I looked up what "Criadillas" were...they are Honduras' version of "Rocky Mountain Oysters".  I don't think she will be trying these :)

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