Monday, October 20, 2014

Satan works the hardest before and after a spiritual experience


Another blurry week, dont remember half of it.

We traveled to La Paz once again for the Leadership meeting and learned from President Klein. We are going back to the basics on the priorities of us missionaries. Investigators. Lessons. Baptisms. Retention and church attendance. One thing i love about President Klein is that he only wants good quality baptisms. In the past, the missionaries have baptized as many people as they could for the numbers and now we are finishing their work in reactivating everyone. Most of the wards here consists of 500 members and only 100 are active in the church. Work of Salvation only begins at baptism. I also like how the rules have changed where missionaries now have the responsibility of working closely with recent converts a year after their baptism, just so they dont get lost. Satan works the hardest before and after a Spiritual experience.

We went to Roatan once again and once again it was as beautiful as ever! I worked in a trio with Hermana M_ and Hermana M_. It was a blast! Two more sisters from the ward went out to visit with us. so we were a group of 5 that went around visiting everyone. So fun! 

We have been working with a couple every since my first transfer here in Ceiba. Their names are A_ and E_. They have accepted to be baptized. but just have to get married. E_ is from Columbia and couldnt get her papers from there, so they have to go through a long process here in Honduras where they have to go to Tegucigalpa to personally get her papers. They both showed up to D_ baptism and A_ has showed up to church and conference all by himself. The spirit is so strong every time we teach them. We even cleared up about polygamy and how we dont practice it in the church these days, but we explained the history of it and the spirit was still so strong. Ive never taught that before and have the spirit be so strong. A_ is future Stake President material. 

The inactive we found named S_ and his two children came to church! S_ hasnt been to church for over 10 plus years! His son G_ was participating more than anyone in his Sunday school class and was helping the other young men in his class. Everyone was so welcoming which makes everything 100 times better. 

Our little grandpa were teaching named O_ also showed up to church again and we were finally able to teach him. He is pumped to learn more and has a great desire to grow in his faith in Christ.

My daughter Hermana Tamani has been fighting hard with her knees. We got a call one morning that she needed to pack her bags and travel to San Pedro Sula the same day to go home the next. It was so sad. She had given her ALL. I have realized how great of a blessing it is just to finish your mission, especially for the sisters here because it's such a physically demanding mission. I am so blessed to have health and strength my entire mission. 

I think this week I've definitely learned patience and to be flexible. So many things popped up where we immediately had to change our plans. We are learning how to do the Lords will and not ours in having 3 different callings. Sister Training Leaders, Mission Nurse (Hermana Bennett), and full time missionaries. Sometimes we get a little frustrated when we cant give our area as much time as we would like, but we have learned as we pray to do the Lords will, we'll always have enough time. 

Hermana Sherman
Leadership meeting

A dock in Ceiba

Last day with Hermana Tamani
An awesome painting I want in my house some day
There was a rainbow around the sun! Ive never seen that before. I heard it happens when it start to get cold
We have to cook on the floor cause there isnt enough counter space    

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