Monday, August 11, 2014

Roaton 2!


Had my first week with Hermana Bennet... Super Pilas! Weve been working hard and have seen so many miracles every day! 

In our area theres a colony where theres always a security guard outside that opens the gate for everyone. A couple weeks ago they switched the security men. We get to know them pretty well because they have to open the gate for us at least 6 times a day. One day, we stopped and talked to the new security guard and found out he is a member of the church, but has been inactive for more than 10 years because of his work! We figured out he has a 14 year old boy that always stays with his grandma. We got his information and found out he lives in another area. We asked if the Elders could pass by for his son the next day to take him to church and he said it would be fine. We passed the reference off to the Elders and they took him to church and just found out he got baptized last Saturday!! The crazy thing is that the security guard only worked at that post for a week and then was moved. I know the Lord put him in our pathway and Im just glad we found him! 

The first day Hermana Bennet and I were together, we contacted 2 women from Roatan and there they speak a lot of English...well its more like Spanglish. We taught a lesson and asked if they understand Spanish or English better and they said English. We taught in English!! It was so funny! We literally had to stop and think after every word and translate from Spanish to English in our minds. The lesson went well though and one of the women has 5 kids! woot woot! We have another lesson with them tonight! 

We went to ROATAN again! This time we only went one day cause Hermana Munoz had emergency transfers with a sister over there and has only been working in her area a week. When we were there everyone started talking about a huge storm that was about to come, and that it was all over the news. We kind of started to freak out cause we were on a tiny island and the other sisters hurried and bought stuff for their 72 hour kit. Hermana Bennet and I left Saturday morning on the yacht with clear blue skies to La Ceiba. It rained for about 5 minutes and that was it... a little exaggerated. We're just glad it wasnt true. 

The power went out alllll day Sunday, so we got to have church on which felt like the hottest day of the year. I had my elbows on my knees during Sacrament meeting and when i sat back up, there were sweat marks on my skirt. ew.

Im still learning so much every single day and cant thank Heavenly Father enough times for the opportunity to serve a mission. The church is true!!


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