Monday, August 25, 2014

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This week was amazing. Probably one of my craziest, but a good crazy. haha

I got to see Hna Bennett perform her first surgery in the mission. She popped the biggest blister/boil I have ever seen. I was there giving support and filming it all. I'll give you guys a picture of it. 

We ate lunch at a recent converts house Sunday and we walked in to the smell of BBQ! Ive never been so excited about food. We each had a nice slab of meat on our plates. After blessing the food, I cut a nice big piece of meat and set it in my mouth... as I chewed, I immediately knew it was not normal meat. This meat tasted kind of like body odor and was mushy. My mind kept running about what it actually was and debated asking what type of meat it was. As I was choking the rest of it down,  I was thinking of the worst thing it could be and finally just asked what it was. It was cow liver. It probably wasnt the best idea knowing that I was eating cow liver, but here i am today, still alive. I just hope i never have to eat it again. 
So we weren't able to work in our area for 4 days this week and it's amazing to see how only 4 days gives Satan all the time in the world to work with our investigators. We visited H. and he was a completely different person. In these times we know that there will be more good and we will overcome things we weren't able to in the past. We also know that Satan will have more power, which breaks my heart when people are blinded and cant see how easily they can be pulled away from the truth. I know we hear it so much but honestly- 1. Prayer 2. Scripture Study 3. Church are so crucial in times like these.

We were buying something at a pulperia (tiny stores in peoples houses that are on every corner), we were talking to the guy and he said every time he goes to the states, he attends church and his brother was a member, but just recently died. We had an appointment with him, but he had something come up so we started down the street. We met a man who ive never seen before. He had a pretty nice house and here in Honduras people lock themselves in their own house with bars on the windows and barb wired fences and multiple different gates. This guy just has a huge wall in front of his house so its really hard to contact. He was outside picking up grass when we asked to help him and he immediately accepted. He also invited us in! Turns out he was a multi-millionaire who got sick with 14 different sicknesses and was robbed and lost absolutely everything. Hes also a pastor... and had a dream that he was in a group of pastors and the Lord told him to get out and leave his church. So when he woke up he stopped preaching. He said he never lets anyone in his house except people he pays to clean his yard, but liked how we offered service. We taught him about the restoration and the organization of the church. He said he has friend that's a member and gave him a priesthood blessing and the next day was when he had his dream. Miracle!

We also had a cultural night with the ward on Friday where every organization performed a dance or sang. We then ate typical honduran food and at the end had a tour of the church and there were members in different rooms explaining what we do there. There were different groups and after 5 minutes the groups rotated to a different room. We had a feeling we should randomly stop by an inactive after 7 years and invite her to the activity. She said she had been thinking about returning to church all week and that God sent us to help her. She showed up to the activity with her two girls! We were just as excited as if an investigator would have showed up. 

This week has been interesting. Every week has its themes of what Heavenly Father wants me to learn. This past week was about His perfect son Jesus Christ. Ive learned that there is a difference between believing and knowing. I definitely believe in Jesus Christ, but do i know him?

Story I heard. 
3 men died. 
The 1st man goes in a white room with a man looking into the book of life. Asks the man a couple questions about his life and lets the 1st man through.

The 2nd man walks into the room with the man and he starts reading the book of life and asked the 2nd man a couple questions and lets him through.
The 3rd guy walks into the room and immediately falls on his knees and starts worshiping the man. Only the 3rd man recognized that the man was Jesus Christ. 

I want to be the one who recognizes my Savior and Redeemer. So how do we come to know Him? We study His teachings in the scriptures and live by following his perfect example.

I have a testimony of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and know it to be the only church with the power and authority of Jesus Christ. The only way we are to know if something is to be true is through prayer and receiving a witness from the Holy Spirit. If you haven't received your own answer, i would invite you to seek one. I think and pray about you guys everyday and hope you guys are able to find true happiness. 

The blister/boil thing

Primary kids after the cultural night

One of the sisters went home cause of knee problem so we got permission to have a slumber party for her!

Pday with Zones Miramar and La Ceiba! We played baseball!

Hermana Sherman

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